She’s our 1 in 8 … #CancerSucksSavingSarahsTatas

She’s our 1 in 8 … #CancerSucksSavingSarahsTatas

Sometimes people who you stumble across in life stick around, making the biggest impact! In 2013, my oldest daughter was born and I wanted to stay home with her so I set out to find a job to do just that. Scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post of a local mom looking for a nanny for her 10-month-old so that she could attend eustachian school at Aveda, and it was my sign from above. I reached out to her, and we set up a time for my baby and I to come over and meet both of them. Sarah, from day one, instantly gave off this super woman vibe – the type of woman who had raised me as a child. I felt an instant connection with both her and her beautiful sweet, blonde baby girl, so I took the job.

After a little over a year of being the sweet family’s nanny, I moved and our schedules didn’t quite work any longer, but that didn’t eliminate the bond our girls had! We would still see Sarah and TT regularly. The sleepovers, playdates, and constant giggles between my daughter Izzy and TT were as strong as ever. At this point, Sarah had finished school and graduated from Aveda, but it would take her some time to find where her business roots should be planted. Once she did, Blending Beauty at Carpe Diem Boutique Salon was born.

Sarah’s business was still in the “new” stage when she started feeling like something just wasn’t right. She made a visit to her doctor, and not long after, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. At this stage, the breast cancer has spread beyond the area of the tumor but has not spread to the distant organs. Sarah still amazes me as she keeps her head up, starts chemotherapy, and continues to go about her daily life. I mean could you imagine the courage she has to display to her now 4-year-old angel? Sarah’s last chemo treatment was March 9th, but her journey is far from over. She is now scheduled to have a double mastectomy, but her eyes still shine as brightly as that 1st day I met her and TT.

With everything going on and Sarah not being able to work as much as she would like to, I wanted to do something major for two people who mean this much to my family. So, here comes #CancerSucksSavingSarahsTatas, a fundraiser put together where all the proceeds will go directly to Sarah and TT. We currently have 25 items being raffled off in a parade of prizes on April 2nd at 7pm on Facebook Live, with all ticket sales ending at 5pm on April 2nd.

Did you know 1 in 8 woman will get a breast cancer diagnosis in her life time?

For more information, click here or search the hashtag #CancerSucksSavingSarahsTatas

About Ashley Bernhardt

I am a 26 year old SAHM to two beautiful little girls 1 and 4.

I carry my friends and family closely to my heart always.


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