Best Wine Buys Under $15

I love wine. It might be the way it can perfectly accompany any meal. Or how flavors can vary so differently, even from the same grape. Or maybe its the fact that it is quite possibly my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day – preferably in the tub with a good book and some Sinatra. Either way, I love a good wine. Especially if I can get it under $15. I’m no sommelier but I’ve tasted some expensive wines. While delicious, it didn’t knock my socks off for the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Veuve Cliquot for a special occasion. But for everyday drinking, here’s a list to fill your wine fridge. Some are my own personal favs, the others I had help from Pearl Wine Co. I’ve tried different wine clubs like Virgin Wines and Tasting Room, which are great if you want to buy mixed cases of wine for a low price. But if you’re in the market to grab a bottle or two, this is a good start. Since I couldn’t possibly blog about something I didn’t try, I selflessly tasted them all.


Pomérols Picpoul De Pinet, $11.99

This is a crisp, dry french wine that resembles a cross between pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc.  It’s light bodied and a great wine for summer. You can find this at Pearl Wine Co. for $11.99 or online at for $13.99.

Light Horse Chardonnay, $12.99

It’s evident by sales numbers that Chardonnay is easily our country’s favorite wine. This Napa valley white is lightly oaked, which is a great buy if you like oaked whites. It’s straw yellow in color and full bodied. A wine blogger ranked this one at 88 points, which is pretty great considering he spent $4000 of his own cash to taste over 230 whites. You can find this one at grocery stores and Pearl Wine Co.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling, $8-9

I was lucky enough to visit this winery in Washington and really enjoy all their wines. Yet I had no idea that a dry riesling ever existed! Riesling was my foray into wine, the sweeter the better at the time. Now I tend to shy away from sweet wines but this is so not. It’s crisp, acidic and very versatile. You can find this one at most grocery stores for around $8!


Castano Monastrelle Rosato $8.99

I was told this is the best value this year in rose and you certainly can’t beat the price. A blend of three grape varietals, it pairs well with everything from fish to lamb. Find it at the lower price at Pearl Wine, or $12.99 at

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Rose $11.69rose

I have my mom to thank for introducing me to this wine. I love that rose is having a moment (#RoseAllDay) and this one is my absolute fav. It’s darker in color, refreshing and just perfect for summer. It’s literally the only wine I want in this heat. Plus, the bottle is gorg and can easily be repurposed with a dispenser for liquid soap or olive oil. Costco has the best price at $11.69, but you can also grab it at World Market for about $13.99.

Lavender Row, $15.99

I know it’s $1 over the mark, but this one has been described as “everything you want in a rose.” It’s a Provence blend of syrah and grenache and launches at Pearl Wine Co. on August 18. This is the only one I haven’t tasted yet but can’t wait. (It’s their brand!)


Apothic Red, $10-11

This California red blend has long been a favorite in my house. It’s light but full flavor and is a great red to try if you’re not typically a red wine drinker. I usually pick this one up at a local grocery store; it’s widely available.

red Kirkland Signature Malbec, $7

It’s safe to say I’m a fan of Costco, especially their wine selection. Although historically from France, their own brand Malbec is Argentinian. It’s dry, fruity and just plain good to drink. Perfect for a quiet night when the kiddos go to bed.

Natale Verga Barbera D’Asti, $7.19

I truly haven’t met an Italian wine I didn’t like. Ever since my trip to Italy years ago, I seek out Italian reds that taste like the homemade table wine I drank there. Barbera D’Asti is one of my favorites and this one doesn’t disappoint. Plus, it’s less than $8! Find it at Martin Wine Cellar.

What are your go to affordable wines? I’m open to trying more!



  1. Trader Joe’s Grower Selections: Chardonnay, Zinfandel, all of them really. Trader Joe’s Brut Sparkling wine. Kirkland Pinot Grigio and their Prosecco are delicious. Everything I just listed is under $7. And I’m pretty snobby about my wines. I’ve finally found something I’d pay twice as much for, but don’t have to!


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