A Mother’s Day Interview With Jillian Carruth

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. That said, it is our HONOR to bring you this interview with Jillian Carruth. Jillian is a local mom and the owner of Jillian Marie Photography. If you have ever worked with her you already know – she is magical behind the camera. 

A Mother’s Day Interview With Jillian Carruth

A Mother's Day Interview With Jillian Carruth What is your biggest struggle as a mom & entrepreneur?

The guilt of not being present or choosing work hours that take me away from the family. I love being a mom just as much as I love providing for my family as an entrepreneur! I don’t think there is a perfect balance of the two but I do try to be present with the kids when I can.

What do you consider to be your biggest victory?

Giving back to the community or partnering with other small businesses to create unique experiences is a victory in my book. When the initial lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic happened we saw an opportunity to create a cycle of giving that was so unique! The project was my greatest victory as a family because we all played a role in making it a sweet success! It is in that project that we created a cycle of giving that was magical and we hope to have future opportunities like it again.

What inspired the path to where you are now?

When I was a little girl my playtime consisted of either being creative with art, playing “house”, making up jobs to do that I could make money from and taking pictures for fun! I feel like my childhood literally lead me down this path! It was my mom who pointed out my talent for creating thoughtful photographs while I was in high school. It’s such a blessing that photography has been such a clear direction early on.

Favorite quote?

The biggest risk in life is not risking – Sara Blakey

Ideal day in NOLA? 

My ideal day in NOLA is early breakfast at Bearcat followed by a streetcar ride to the French Quarter to leisurely walk down to the Omni Orleans rooftop where my husband and I said our vows. This is such an amazing view and gives me reminiscent vibes as well as gratitude for where we are.

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