5 Reasons Families Are Moving into Downtown New Orleans

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by the Four Winds. That said, if you are considering a move to downtown New Orleans here are five reasons why you should!

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5 Reasons Families Are Moving into Downtown New Orleans

New Orleans has many different kinds of neighborhoods for families to live and grow. From the gorgeous houses of Uptown, to the aquatic fun of Lakeview, to the artistic vibes of the Bywater, families can enjoy almost any part of the city. But one New Orleans neighborhood that’s experienced a resurgence in restaurants and visitors is now experiencing the same increase in permanent residents: the CBD.

Yes, it’s still called the Central Business District but with features like the newly-built University Hospital and more, we’re unofficially renaming it the Central Babies District. Here’s the top five reasons families have been moving a little closer to this side of town:

1. Everything is Just a Walk Away

When your neighborhood is essentially 10 square blocks, everything becomes a lot closer. No longer do you need to pack the kids into the backseat just to take them to the supermarket. Instead, get the whole family moving and head NOMB Website Images - 2over to Rouses to pick up the week’s shopping.

2. An Abundance of Transportation Options

Not much of a walker? There are plenty of other ways to around in the CBD. With all of the new bike lanes across the neighborhood, you can now get where you want quickly, safely, and stay environmentally friendly. Or you can feel like a tourist and ride the streetcar for only $1.25, all in all, it is easy and safe to ride with your child to and from any CBD apartment.

3. Date Night Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

We could write an entire article on the amazing amount of restaurants that are perfect for CBD date nights, but a short list will have to suffice: Herbsaint, LaBoca, Carmo, CellarDoor, Wino, and a couple dozen more. Enjoy trivia and happy hour with your adult friends at places like The Rusty Nail or Barcadia. Stop and see shows at The Civic Theatre or take a night off to enjoy a sporting event at the Smoothie King Center or the Superdome.

4. Family Fun Days Are All Around You

After a date night, the kids might be clamoring for their fun day out. Luckily, the CBD provides this in abundance. NOMB Website Images 1The young (and young at heart) will have a blast at the Louisiana Children’s Museum poking, prodding, and jumping through this local treasure. A little learning from the experience won’t hurt Mom and Dad either! For the animal lovers, there is Audubon’s Aquarium of the Americas as well as the Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Enjoying an iMax film at the Aquarium followed by eating roasted grasshoppers will give any student the perfect story to one-up their friends at the lunch table on Monday.

Finally, for those with teenage children, take a step back in time at New Orleans’ #1 attraction according to Trip Advisor, the World War II Museum. Even the most jaded never-looking-up-from-my-phone Gen Z-er won’t be able to look away from the warplanes or the awe-inspiring stories told across the ever-expanding campus. Do you have a bookworm baby? Head over to the New Orleans Public Library and spend the day browsing the shelves for the perfect bedtime story.

5. The Most Luxurious Apartments in the City

There might not be any backyards in the CBD, but once youNOMB Website Images - 3r family sees the rooftop pools they’ll never want to play in grass again. Amenities abound at apartment complexes, including the historic Four Winds Apartments. A 3-D movie screening room, smart-phone controlled thermostats, and the largest residential rooftop pool and sundeck in the New Orleans CBD will designate your home the summer break pool party center.

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Have you moved to the CBD? Do you know anyone who has? Are you considering a move to the CBD? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I’ve lived in the CBD for 2 years now and do not want to move to any other part of New Orleans ever!! My 14 month old has everything that she needs right here within walking distance and we all love it. We don’t know any other parents from our groups that live in the CBD and are yet to figure out why not????


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