18 Problems Only New Orleans Kids Have

There are some problems that are unique to NOLA moms. But did you ever think of the problems that NOLA kids grow up with?

#nolakidprobs Monday: Red beans and rice again

#nolakidprobs went to a festival this weekend

#nolakidprobs saints game is on

#nolakidprobs My neck hurts from all the beads

#nolakidprobs I just wanted to pet that funny caterpillar

#nolakidprobs Daddy threw away all my awesome Mardi Gras toys

#nolakidprobs Half an inch too short for the ride at City Park

#nolakidprobs My grandma has more tutus than me

#nolakidprobs I wanna go home! They just ordered another drink

#nolakidprobs My ladder is wobbly

#nolakidprobs Got blue snowball all over my favorite shirt

#nolakidprobs Wanna go swimming but the water is too hot

#nolakidprobs Missed a week of camp because of a hurricane

#nolakidprobs went to a parade at Disney World, they didn't throw anything!

#nolakidprobs My next birthday is on Ash Wednesday

#nolakidprobs Mommy said I have to peel my own crawfish

#nolakidprobs i'm four years old, i have to take a test to go to school?

#nolakidprobs want king cake! but it's november.

What #nolakidprobs do your kids have?

My name is Pam, and I live in Algiers Point with my husband George and my identical triplets Linus, Oliver, and Miles. I work from home as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic. I enjoy reading and photography and sewing (and blogging!)


    • I have a friend that I was riding with just after the Rite-Aid invasion. We were riding on St.Charles, when he suddenly pulls into the one at Louisiana Ave & St. Charles. We go inside, and he asks to see the manager. When he finally appears, he proceeds to tell him “I don’t give a [email protected]!t about the Coke vs Pepsi thing, the fact that y’all got rid of the ice cream ensures that I’ll NEVER set foot in Rite-Aid again!”
      It was priceless, that company just didn’t have a clue, as to how they ruined the best local institution – and they still don’t.

    • Buckmoth caterpillars. They have sharp spines on their back which secrete a venom that burns like hell. I stepped on one when I put out the garbage while barefoot. Had to go to the ER and they said I had 64 stings on my foot. I couldn’t even wear socks for a week – went to work barefoot, but hey, it’s N’Awlinz. Took about three weeks to walk normally. Also, they fall out of trees and can land on you. Just be careful.

    • the oak trees have fuzzy/furry caterpillars in their branches at a certain time if year. Often they fall on the kids playing under the trees. The caterpillars leave a skin rash wherever they come in contact with
      the skin. Just creepy!

  1. I love this, however most if not all applies to southeastern and southwestern parts of Louisiana. Could you make one for lovebugs.

  2. Fell into a pothole
    And can’t get out!

    my pink wig
    Is itchy

    Mama’s drink
    Looks better than mine

    When is this parade gonna be over?


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