Why You Should Considering Eating Out for Thanksgiving or Christmas

This year for Thanksgiving, my little family of three did a first! And after enjoying it so much, I think everyone should try it at least once.

We are not New Orleans natives but hail from Texas. This means that every single Thanksgiving and Christmas we pack up our bags and drive or fly back to Dallas to be with our families. As close as we are to both families and as much fun as it is, it always leaves me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to squeeze all the quality time into a super short period. And, on the holidays that my husband has worked in the past, either my family or his family has come down to spend it here with us in New Orleans. Again, it is so great that they are willing to come and make sure we have home even when we’re away, but still I’m left tired from a weekend of hosting.


This year, we have a toddler and my husband was off for Thanksgiving Day but worked the other six days of the week. Instead of going to a friend’s house and being around a bunch of people or cooking a ton of food that we weren’t going to eat, while also keeping a rambunctious toddler from injuring herself during my marathon cooking session, I opted to make us reservations at a nice restaurant.

After some research, we decided to go to Brennan’s since we had never been, although there is quite an extensive list of fine dining restaurants open for the holiday. And, to give us the highest probability of success, I made our reservation during our daughter’s normal meal time so that she was on her best behavior. On Thanksgiving Day, we got up late, lounged around for a bit, I went to my favorite workout class, and then we got dressed and went to lunch. The service was impeccable, the food was divine, and most importantly, I didn’t spend hours cooking only to leave a mess for just as long of a clean up and days worth of leftovers that we didn’t really want. Once we finished, we took a nice long nap and I made us a quick dinner full of veggies. AND, dare I say it, I felt relaxed, not tired and overstuffed, but just right. So much so, that I want to do it again, every year. And, I think it’s something your family needs to try at least once for Thanksgiving and / or Christmas. Trust me when I say, you won’t be sorry! It was so nice to have all the pressure a big meal off the table (see what I did there).

So tell me, has your family ever gone out to eat for Thanksgiving or Christmas?



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