Three Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Fall is upon us and that means Halloween is right around the corner. I’m not big on Halloween or trick or treating, and I know I am not alone. Crowds, scary decorations and all the work for trick or treating just isn’t my jam. If it’s yours? I am all for it! I just would rather do other things (if I can convince the children). I wanted to share three great options if Halloween isn’t your jam either.

  1. Trunk or Treat

Churches and businesses in your area are sure to put on either trunk or treat or something similar. Usually kids walk from car to car and gather treats in a parking lot. Some have more stuff to offer like games, treats and other things. But bare minimum is at least a little car hop trick or treating. This is usually a happy medium for my kids.

2. Halloween Movie Night

A themed movie night could also be your winning ticket! Some fun decorations, popcorn, candy and fall themed movies makes for the perfect night in. You could also play games or build a fort! Let the kids stay up a little late so they feel extra special and bam- you didn’t even have to leave your house!

3. Halloween Get Together

So you don’t want to go trick or treating but you also don’t want to miss out on a social event. Then a Halloween get together is the perfect event for you. Invite your closest friends and family and crank those Halloween tunes. Feeling extra? You can have a bonfire, hayride or even a photo booth to capture everyone’s costumes! If you’re competitive make is a costume competition. You could even grab a craft or check Pinterest for something to keep the kids occupied. The options are really endless!

Whatever you decide to do just be safe and make those memories with your kids. Either way it will be a night you won’t soon forget.

Danielle is married to Ryan and together they have four beautiful babies. They're raising Lexi, Abram, Sutton and Beckham on the bayou in Crown Point. She is a self-proclaimed hot mess, Jesus-loving, homeschooling, Netflix binging, crafting and party planning stay at home mom. Sutton was born with achondroplasia dwarfism so advocating and raising awareness is important to her. Most nights once the kids are asleep you will find her staying up way too late to enjoy the quiet that happens after four kids.


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