Setting Your Goals for the New Year Before the Holiday Hustle

The holidays are here in full force and HOW IS IT ALREADY ALMOST CHRISTMAS?! It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.

In all honesty, this is my absolute favorite time of the year, but it can also be overwhelming. Every holiday event is happening at the same time, the kids have THREE whole toy magazines circled with every single thing they want for Christmas, all the while you’re trying to maintain your sanity and remember when the last time you washed your hair was…

In this extremely busy season, it’s easy to forget personal goals and not stay on track. The two best food holidays (in my opinion) of the year are coming in hot, with more desserts than you can dream of tempting you at every event. Working out falls to the wayside, with riding around to look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate in hand taking its place.

With all of this happening, I feel as though it’s important to sit down and think of your goals for the new year. I LOVE a good New Years’ resolution or a new goal to set for myself. If you do this BEFORE the craziness of the holidays, you could even kickstart your goals for the new year early. There’s no reason to put off something that you can start today!

Here are a few ideas to get your goals set before the holiday hustle:

  • New Planner – Get a planner for the new year and write down any important dates you can think of. This way, you already have your planner for the new year before all the good ones are wiped out at Target. 😉
  • Set Up a Plan – My husband showed me the 1x3x5 plan which seems like a good way to set your goals for the new year. You write down or type up 1 purpose to live by for the year, 3 goals to live in to your purpose, and 5 actions to live in to the goals.
  • Workout – Get a good workout in! If you have 20 minutes, do a quick one! I think when you work out, you have more motivation to do good in other parts of your life.
  • Be Specific With Your Goals – For example: if your goal is to lose weight, don’t just say “I want to lose weight.” Say “I want to lose X pounds.” And give yourself some grace! Don’t set an unachievable goal in a short time period and then be so disappointed when you don’t reach said goal.

If you think about your goals for the new year BEFORE the holidays, you can look at it one of two ways…

  1. You can not worry about it at all during the holidays and already have your plan and goals set to look forward to after the holiday hustle settles down.
  2. You can use the fact that you got them set early to get a jumpstart on them and follow through with them in some way, shape, or form during the holidays.

Whatever you decide to do, let me know! Also, what are some of your goals for the new year? I’m getting mine set up and would love to hear others’ as well! Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers to goal setting and enjoy your holidays 🙂

Meghan Culpepper
Meghan lives on the Northshore with her husband, Brandon, and their two boys. She grew up on the Northshore and happily settled back in to raise her family there. When she's not playing referee between her 4 & 2 year olds, she enjoys watching the Food Network and trying to actually learn how to cook (or bake!) Meghan loves being a boy mom and can probably win at any kind of Ninja Turtle trivia.


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