Search, Scroll, Click! {How Millennials Christmas Shop}

Technology has made parenting 10 times easier than when my mom and dad were parenting. How did they raise us without smartphones? Without social media? Without Amazon Prime?! I remember my mom shopping during the holidays. She would get up early and head to the mall or Toys ‘R’ Us (R.I.P.) and be gone ALL. DAY. LONG. The lines she must’ve waited in. The crowds she probably had to fight through. God bless her for doing it, so we kids could have the Christmas we wanted. I remember always getting so upset waking up and seeing the babysitter on those days she was out running errands. I wanted to wake up and see my mom making breakfast. I wanted to spend my days with her. But, as a mom myself now, it all makes sense. Fortunately, I have it MUCH easier than she did during the holidays, for I don’t have to hire babysitters and be away from the kids. I can have my Christmas cookie and eat it too!

This year, 100% of my Christmas shopping was done ONLINE!

I have found everything I needed for everyone via Amazon, Macy’s, Old Navy, Target, Etsy, and other stores. Most I had delivered straight to my house; some I was able to pick up at the store itself. What’s even better is that I didn’t have to leave the house at all to get all of my shopping completed. I bought items sitting on my couch watching Christmas movies with the family, cooking breakfast for the kids, playing games, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen. Whilst in the thick of Mommy chores, I can stop and add something to my cart super quickly. Or, while playing with the kiddos I can get a good idea of their interests and hobbies and do a quick Amazon search. It’s been so easy and so efficient – like just an ordinary part of my day:

My daughter’s markers ran out? Ok, search for “Washable Crayolas” for stockings – click!

Kids ran out of popcorn during movie night? No problem! Let me run to the kitchen — time for a quick search, scroll, and click while waiting for the popcorn to pop.

Dodging soccer balls left and right as I walk down the hallway from my little athlete, a light bulb goes off! Search “soccer goal” and “field goal posts for kids;” by the time I come back down the hallway – click!

Do kids want pecan rolls for breakfast? Oh! That reminds me, “Alexa, add pecan pie to the grocery list!” {Take “Christmas dessert” off of checklist now.}

Hubby’s frustrated about his belts not fitting because he’s lost weight? Hmm, searching Macy’s for two new belts real quick [as well as the world’s smallest violin] – add to cart!

Time for a coffee break at work? Cool, let me personalize all of those items I have sitting in my Etsy cart and order before close of business today.

Everyone tucked in bed and fast asleep? Great! Time for Mommy to do a little browsing through Amazon’s Deals of the Day.

Talk about multi-tasking at its finest!

Now, I know what you must be thinking. I’m one of those mothers suffering from “Text Neck Syndrome.” Au contraire! So much of my shopping is done in small increments here and there throughout my day. I can sit on the couch with the family, watch the movie and share the popcorn, but when they start dozing off or when I’m in the kitchen heating up the next batch of popcorn (because, goodness, one batch is never enough) I take advantage of the break and get gifts ordered. Or, when I hear someone mention an interest or drop a hint – it’s so practical to discreetly grab my phone and add to my cart so that I don’t forget.

Work is also a great place for me to order online. If I’m in front of my computer anyway, taking a 5-minute break and dragging items to my shopping bag is too easy. Co-workers also give great advice and share great deals, so taking advantage of those at the moment during the coffee breaks or at lunch is just good productivity if you ask me! Do it now or forget later.

I don’t have to waste ANY time running errands all over town. I don’t have to send my kids to aftercare just to get Christmas shopping done. I’m able to finish my assignment for work on time because I don’t have to put it off to rush to the store before close. And, most importantly, I get to do ALL the Christmas activities and traditions with my kids because I can be present while shopping for presents too! It is possible, and it is resourceful! Man, if our fore-mothers could see us now!

Are you an online shopper or in-store shopper this Christmas?

Jennifer Gonzales
Wife to my high school sweetheart, Ross, and mother to 5 children: Trip, Conner, McKenzie, Piper, and Sutton, I am a born and raised Southern Louisiana Lady. I am a graduate of Mt. Carmel Academy, received my Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Secondary Ed. from LSU followed by my Master’s of Education from UNO, and for the past 15 years, I have been outwitting high school boys as an English teacher at Holy Cross School. When I’m not grading papers, driving to baseball practices, or making grocery runs, I can be found cheering on my LSU Tigers, cutting up with my girlfriends, and attempting DIY projects around the home. I’m all about sippin’ some wine during the sunset while the kiddos play in the yard and the hubby works the grill. I’m living my best mommy life these days and am always happy to share the journey with others!


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