Upgrade Your Holidays With Whole Foods Market

Disclosure :: even though this post is sponsored by Whole Foods Market we never turn down the opportunity to partner with the brands and companies we support as moms daily anyway. Many of us shop routinely at Whole Foods, so we’re thrilled to tell you more about how they can make your holiday season less stressful and more tasty!

Upgrade Your Holidays With Whole Foods Market

I am here to tell you one important fact that may change your life: you don’t have to cook this holiday season at all if you don’t want to! If you are anything like me, holiday meal planning is STRESSFUL with a capital “s.” I usually wait until the very last minute to plan the details and then I end up cooking the same menu as the previous year because it’s just too complicated to try anything new. This year I will have a houseful of guests at the holidays, so when I was invited to learn more about the Whole Foods Market holiday offerings I willingly jumped at the opportunity. Anything and everything to make life in December easier, am I right?! After spending a few hours at the Veterans location on Saturday afternoon, I can confidently say that I am counting on Whole Foods Market to “upgrade our holiday” and make this the best holiday meal to date.

Our Family’s Whole Foods Market Experience

With two of our three kiddos in tow, we hit the Veterans store in Metairie over the weekend and enjoyed dozens of appetizer samplings like chicken and spinach empanadas during “Taste of Whole Foods Market,” which is the free holiday tasting event at Whole Foods Market {pssst – you can go to the next one this weekend, too!}.

At the meat counter my family found a tasting of turkey sausage, which is made right in house (bonus points for the fresh factor!). My children dubbed the fruit and veggie tray along with whipped cream and hummus their favorite selection. Veggie and fruit platters can be conveniently ordered online, in store or found in the produce section. I love these easy and healthy options for snacking while enjoying time with family and friends. While I “could” spend hours cutting, chopping and cooking, there is something to be said for the convenience of “set it and forget it” and outsourcing some of the work.

I was also excited to discover that the majority of the Whole Foods Market stores in our area have a Certified Cheese Specialist. Who doesn’t live for cheese?! These specialists will assist you in choosing a selection of cheeses for a party tray, and they have dozens and dozens of choices. In even more exciting news, where there is cheese, there is wine. Guests can consult with a speciality Whole Foods Market team member and sample wines to choose the perfect holiday wine to accompany their meal. Wine + cheese = holiday entertaining winning, and it’s nice that Whole Foods Market will ensure that you leave confident in your selections, taking the guess work out of whether or not you’ll be happy when you get home.

Another staple in my own home is the 365 Everyday Value line, which is essentially the Whole Foods Market brand name (i.e. their own line of products). My personal holiday favorites are the Maple Gingerbread cookies (yes, they are as good as they sound), holiday spiced juice, chocolate candy cane sandwich cremes and the Toffee Popcorn Crunch (this last one is particularly addictive). I love that the stores carry a variety of holiday-themed snacks and such at approachable prices; these make great options for children, school snacks and any other holiday gathering where you need something festive without much effort.

Finally, let’s not forget about the main attraction! I had no idea until recently that Whole Foods Market offers roasted turkey dinners, whole turkeys, a selection of meats, sides AND desserts. If you can think of it, you can order at at Whole Foods Market (online, no less) and be done with the whole shebang! Whole Foods Market also has options for your Chanukah and New Year’s celebrations along with vegan options.

Whole Foods Market :: Order Online; The Holidays are Done!

With a large family like mine convenience and efficiency is KEY. Ordering online is the answer to my prayers on any hectic day, but especially during the holidays. I mean … an entire meal can be ordered from the convenience of your home through their e-store and picked up in store. It does not get easier than that!

There is still plenty of time to plan for this holiday season! Take your family to your local Whole Foods Market and let them experience a “Taste of Whole Foods Market” on Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10th from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. They may try something new that you will want to add to your 2017 holiday meals!


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