How to Flock Your Own Christmas Tree :: It’s Super Easy!

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How to Flock Your Own Christmas Tree :: It’s Super Easy!

In my house, the Christmas decorations come out of the attic at the beginning of November (I know, I know) but that normally prevents us from getting a real tree. I did in 2015, and it was so dead by the time December 25th came you could barely walk by it without needles hitting the floor. I absolutely love the way they look, but artificial is what I normally go with.

I got our tree in 2020 from Lowes and really love how thick and full it looks. This year, I decided to change up my decor some and of course, I needed my tree to be flocked! I had flocked one of my artificial trees in the past and used the snow in a can. While it worked, I wasn’t super happy with how it looked on the branches. It also has an awful chemical smell and takes forever to dry. I knew that is not the way I wanted to go to so I headed to our friend Google.

flock your own Christmas tree

I found the SnoFlock Brand Snow Flocking Powder. It comes in 2lb and 5lb bags. After reading the comments, I decided that a 2lb bag would be big enough for the amount that I wanted my 7.5 foot tree flocked. In retrospect, I would have just bought the 5lb because I could have added a little bit more and now I want to flock everything! It came from Amazon in two days and I was ready to go.

Fluff your tree and check your lights. I chose to leave my lights on when I flocked it inorder for them to blend better with everything. I actually added lights after too and you still can’t notice, just had flock on my arms. I would say easiest to do them before. Put a plastic drop cloth down and be prepared to still sweep and mop everything when you are done from powder residue.

Your supplies are simple:

  • SnoFlock powder
  • Water bottle
  • Sifter
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Step ladder

First, you are going to take your water bottle and mist your tree top to bottom. You don’t want it drenched but wet enough for the flock to stick. Once that is done, open your bag of snow flock and fill sifter. I sat mine on a paper plate and that’s what I used to move the sifter around the room to prevent mess. Starting at the top of the tree (this is important to mimic what real snow fall would look like) begin sifting onto the branches. You can sift as little or as much as you want, it is just trial and error. While you are sifting, mist the powder falling on the tree as you go to activate the flock. Move around the tree to the bottom until you have as much coverage as you want. When finished you are going to take your water bottle and mist all over again. Let dry minimum of 6 hours (I left mine overnight) and voila – you have a flocked tree!

Such a cheap and simple upgrade, anyone can do this.

Happy Christmas!


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