Give Me All the Hallmark Christmas Movies

Author’s Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies

Growing up, my parents weren’t big on celebrating the holidays. Sure, they taught us the important stuff; that Christmas is about family, togetherness and the birth of Christ. However, there wasn’t a whole lot of decking the halls going on. They would hang one wreath and decorate a tree with peach and cream ornaments (gotta love the 90s.) My dad loves him some Clark Griswold but he did not emulate his holiday spirit.

One Christmas, I finally had enough. I begged them to get a tree that included all of us kids’ cheesy, childhood ornaments that were collecting dust in the attic year after year. They finally caved and gave us a tree of our own to trim for the back of the house. They still put that peach and cream atrocity in the front window, though.

Flash forward to my adult years and I never outgrew my unending love of all things Christmas.

Only this time, I make the rules! We go overboard with decorating, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I bust out the satellite holiday radio stations and Home Alones (yes, plural) on November 1.

It wasn’t until recent years that I discovered the glory that is the Hallmark Christmas movie.

There is no heartache that a cup of hot cocoa, cookie decorating or building a snowman can’t cure within these films. You’re about to lose your inn you inherited from your parents because of a greedy, corporate takeover? Hot cocoa. Confused about a new love interest because you have a fear of moving on and getting hurt again? Make a gingerbread house. The king of a fictional country falls for you and you have to abandon your dream of opening your own ice skating rink? Grab a corn-cob pipe and a button nose.

If you pay close enough attention, there is not one single frame that is not adorned with twinkle lights and festive wreaths. From the snowy town squares, to the bannisters of the inns and the lampposts on Main Street of these Christmas-loving towns … every nook and cranny is covered in evergreen and red. They have thought of everything to get you in the holiday spirit and I am here for it!

With around-the-clock reruns and 40 all-new Christmas movies on two different Hallmark channels this season, you’ll more than get your fix of mistletoe, sleigh rides and tree-trimming montages.

Some may argue that all Hallmark Christmas movies are the same. Yes, they may all include romantic ice-skating and a town Christmas tree lighting ceremony, but they each have a unique twist all their own. One thing’s for sure, they always have a happily ever after, and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling we could all use more of this time of year.

Who doesn’t love a happy holiday ending?

Kathryn Seibert is a Certified Parent Coach with Grow As A Parent. She discovered peaceful parenting when she realized the authoritarian way of parenting didn’t feel right but she didn’t know another way. She works with parents to end powers struggles and find joy and cooperation in the home by parenting in a more calm and connected way. You can find ways to work with her at


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