Dear Santa: Please, No More Toys This Year

Dear Santa,

I’m typing this while I joyfully listen to Christmas music playing through the Echo Dot you so kindly brought our family last year. I’ve also already watched my first Christmas Rom-Com, bought wrapping paper, put up a few decorations, and I even started checking off my Christmas list. I. AM. READY. for the Christmas season! In order to prep my house to decorate and prepare for your arrival next month, I’ve started to tackle the biggest challenge I try to conquer every year… cleaning and organizing the playroom. YIKES! It’s disgusting! I don’t mean gross like leftover food or moldy drinks. I mean it’s stomach-turning to see the number of toys my girls have accumulated over the years. The same toys that I constantly pick up only to find them back on the floor, spread about like a fresh snowfall. As I stumbled around, making piles of doll clothes and Barbie shoes, I noticed my girls still have unopened Christmas presents from last year! It was mind-blowing, honestly. There were Lego sets dumped, started, but unfished. There were games that had never been played, a karaoke machine that has never be sang into, and dolls that have never been held. I stood frozen for about 5 minutes realizing as soon as I get this playroom cleared and cleaned, it would be destroyed again within a few weeks.

More toys would soon be on the way.

It’s hard to tell Grandparents not to pile up boxes for their grandkids to rip open, or aunts who will automatically show up to Christmas parties ready to impress with the newest and best toys. Naturally, I must also have a toy or two wrapped under the tree with their names on it to keep them guessing what’s inside and behaving until they get to unwrap them and find out. So, I’m turning to you my dear, St. Nick. Please, no more toys this year. Can you take a break this one time? Don’t get me wrong, you’ve nailed it every year, and my girls have been blessed with mounds of toys they have requested. This year, I’m asking for a change of pace.

This year I’m the one writing the list in hopes to wake up Christmas morning and being relieved to know I won’t spend my entire Christmas day picking up ripped open boxes and putting together toys that will only clutter up the house even more. I’m asking for a family gift that we could all enjoy together. I’m putting it all out there and asking for the impossible. So here it goes… Santa, this year instead of all the toys, can we just go to Disney World? When our countdown to Christmas ends, can you start up a countdown to Disney for us? It’s a wild request that I can’t say I’ve heard happening, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I hear Amazon will probably have a hard time delivering presents this year. So, in case you come up with issues in delivering toys too, we will gladly take a different approach to gift-giving. I truly appreciate you and how magical you make the holidays. So, if you could gift us some Disney magic instead of more toys, this mama would be very grateful. Safe Travels and Merry Christmas, Santa!

Yours truly,

Mom of Emily & Talia, Nicole Deano

Nicole Deano
Nicole is married, mommy of 3 (Emily, Talia, Gavin.) She’s a lifetime resident of Chalmette, with a brief 3 years in New Iberia following Hurricane Katrina. She is a realtor with 1 Percent Lists. She is also a 10-year breast cancer survivor. She is Disney obsessed and was a Disney Bride. She is trying to stay sane with juggling her busy life.


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