Ways to Celebrate Christmas with the Family {Make Even More Family Memories}


In a little less than a month, we will celebrate my baby’s first Christmas. With a new house, 2 new jobs, and a new baby in my husband (Jeremy) and I’s lives in 2016, this year has certainly flown by. Flown by as in I literally teared up this evening while bathing Linus in his tub in the kitchen sink as I realized we’ll need to be moving to the regular tub very soon. We have made so many incredible memories thus far and plan to cap off the year with great memories of a wonderful first holiday season with our baby. I have taken to heart a piece of advice I’m sure many new moms hear – enjoy every minute of your little one.

So, because this is my favorite time of year, I made a list – and checked it twice. Here are a few of the ways we will be making holiday memories with our little babe this year.

Holiday Card

You best believe I’m going to dress my kid up in a cute little outfit, snap a photo and send it by way of a printed holiday card. I mean, we did this for 4 years before kids with our dog (and yes, I dressed Buster up in a Christmas sweater each of those years.) Bonus: Not only are holiday cards fun to send, but they’re also fun to receive.

Christmas Stocking

In our family, we each have our own special Christmas stocking. Buster’s stocking says “Woof,” while Jeremy’s is plaid and has a fake beard. Mine is red, green and crafty. I found a vintage knitted stocking that says “Baby’s First Christmas” on it for our new addition.

Special Ornament

Every year since we have been married, Jeremy and I purchase a new Christmas ornament for our eclectic tree. The ornament always has a significant meaning for that year. Each year, I love hanging the ornaments, talking and laughing about stories surrounding the significance of each of our ornaments. I can’t wait to find the perfect ornament for this year … and I can’t wait to hang it on the tree in the years to come, reminiscing with Linus about how awesome he made 2016 for us.

Story Time

We love reading to Linus every evening before he falls asleep. We have several holiday and winter-related books to help us carry out a theme for story time because ’tis the season to read about the magic of Christmas and the values and lessons that can be learned during this time of year.

Continue Family Traditions

When I was a kid, presents from Santa were never wrapped. Over the last few years, my siblings and niece and nephews started going to my parents’ house a few days before Christmas to bake and decorate Christmas cookies – I have already bought the Miller contributions this year – ninjabread men and a gingerbread travel trailer. Every year for the last almost 40 years, a family member dresses up as Santa on Christmas Eve and visits my mom and dad’s house. My mom was even Santa one year, trying to disguise herself with an Irish accent – yeah we were confused by the Irish accent, too, but it was fun. We plan to continue the traditions we loved growing up.

Start New Traditions

While my son is too young for this just yet, I have always appreciated doing some type of service during the holiday season as a way to give back to the community. In the years to come, I plan to take Linus with me to do a service during the holiday to stress that this isn’t just the season for receiving. I also can’t wait to see what type of food Linus suggests leaving out for Santa’s visit.

One final great way to usher in the holiday season is to teach your child about another religion


What is your favorite way to celebrate or give thanks in the holiday season? What tradition do you love continuing with your family?



  1. We always had a family member dress as santa at my grandparents on Christmas Eve and my Polish/Israeli accented mother was it one year too. So funny 🙂


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