Can We Try Clutter-Free Gifts?

Clutter Free Gift Giving

The question during the holidays is always “What in the world are we buying our family and friends this holiday season?”

It brings just as much anxiety as trying to figure out what to eat for dinner every night.

For some families, they travel and then get to their location, and travel some more. Packing toys for the kids, random sweaters, and blankets for the adults is always a big task of playing Tetris when packing the car to go home.

Other families spend the whole year “spring cleaning” and try to create a more minimalist lifestyle, in hopes that there will be a bit more peace in the home. The reality is our homes are already overcrowded with “stuff.” The thought of adding another layer of it just seems too much.

Either way, it can be a task to find gifts for others. We are big on dirty Santa, and playing white elephant with friends. It is the funniest thing opening up those presents, as we try to make them comical and meaningful. We are also big on having a family game night for my grandmother’s birthday each Christmas. The gifts just start to pile up.

So why not go another route? Everyone is always looking for birthday gifts, special anniversary gifts, and unique things to put under the Christmas tree. This year, we are deciding to only do clutter-free gifting.

Make Memories with a Membership

Children’s Museum
Trampoline Park
Art Museum

Treat Me to Time

Massage (shiatsu is one of my favorites!)
Car Wash
Personal Chef
Family Portrait Session
Car Wash
Professional Organizer

Excite them with an Experience

Rock Climbing
Escape Room
Sports Tickets

Classes with Creativity

Foreign Language
Aerial Silks

There are so many ways you can use clutter-free gift giving successfully – you just have to think outside the box a bit!

Giving someone an experience not only keeps all the clutter from the house but also gets them out of the home to have a meaningful experience and create a new memory. (Not to mention, I sometimes will purchase a set so I can join them.)

It can be so easy to get into a routine through the year, so why not help out someone else by gifting them with something they can experience?


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