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It’s apparent that there is plenty of information online about yoga and wellness. It is a huge industry, after all. But what about the local side of things?  What about really connecting with other people in the community who share the lagniappe that yoga brings us? How could all of those people be easily informed of what workshops are coming up at multiple studios, why the owner of a studio got into the yoga business in the first place, and what teachers hope their students will gain from their particular style?

Those questions got Brooke Bailey, a Registered Yoga Teacher and MBA, thinking about how she could not only connect people to wellness resources but give them more than they expected, so that they could transform their lives into more than they thought possible. That’s when Brooke got on her “entrepreneurial mat” and created Yoga Lagniappe as a means to connect, inspire and empower through yoga and wellness.

Yoga Lagniappe is a free service, so sign up today and stay informed of the latest promotions, news, interviews, and lagniappe from your yogi neighbors. If you aren’t sure how to begin practicing yoga, or if you feel like you’re in a rut, schedule a one-on-one session with Brooke, Yoga Lagniappe’s Founder, and “Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level.” You’ll receive customized advice on local and online resources to help you tap the tools of yoga and wellness that will flow off of your mat and into living your best life.

 We are thrilled that one of you will win a $75 consultation session with Yoga Lagniappe! All launch week giveaway winners will be announced on Saturday, August 18.


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  1. I have taken some yoga classes, but recently got into breathing exercises and am really enjoying it.
    I would love to take it to the next level and get involved in some classes!


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