Yes, I’m Not Drinking and No, I’m Not Pregnant

Okay, it’s time we address another growing problem I’m noticing. WHY are we so obsessed with why someone isn’t drinking?

As a woman, anytime I turn down a drink it’s a guarantee that someone will give me a wink, raise a curious eyebrow or casually whisper and ask if I’m expecting. Is it really that odd for someone to have any fun or enjoy anything without alcohol?

My partner is sober, so we get the questions about him not drinking ALL the time. Simply put, drinking isn’t a smart choice for him. It can go from one drink to excessive quickly, and to avoid any bad or dangerous decisions, he chooses to abstain completely. And guess what… he is still fully capable of enjoying himself! But the curious questions still come and they are often paired with subliminal pressure to do exactly what he is trying to avoid doing… drink. I have heard my fair share of “come on man, just one drink!”  or “but we’re celebrating!”

This must stop. It’s invasive. It’s rude. It’s nosey. And in a lot of situations, it can be dangerous.

Most often those who aren’t drinking have a significant reason why they aren’t and usually a very personal reason. If they want to share, they will, and if they don’t, don’t ask. Navigating sober life in New Orleans, a city that revolves around drinking and honestly glorifies what is really alcoholism in me. So, the added pressure from others just isn’t needed. So please, moving forward, if someone isn’t drinking, respect their wishes, and enjoy your evening and your own drink.


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