Winn-Dixie Partners With Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone

Disclosure :: this is a sponsored post brought to you by Winn-Dixie. 


Winn-Dixie Partners With Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone

What mom doesn’t struggle with deciding what to cook for her family, especially on busy weeknights? How many trips do we make to the grocery store while wrangling kids and aimlessly throwing items in our cart? Meal planning and dinner prep can be stressful, overwhelming, chaotic and, if you’re not paying attention to what’s in the cart, more expensive than you can afford.

Enter Winn-Dixie and its brand new partnership with world-renowned Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. This brand new program is centered on fresh, seasonal meals for families to eat well2015_0728_curtisstone_0341_HR_SMALL (1) for less! The “Cooking with Curtis for under $10” program was designed to help busy families and shoppers eat well for less through a series of intentionally designed, affordable family meals that taste great and won’t burden the budget.

Why New Orleans Moms Should Care

  • Research indicates that many shoppers want to eat healthily, but there are many barriers that prevent them from doing so, including affordability, meal preparation time, knowledge of ingredients and how to select the ingredients
  • Research has also shown that nearly all Southeastern Grocers customers, regardless of budget, want to feed their families healthy, nutritious meals for less money (who doesn’t want to save money, right?!)
  • Roughly 25% of Southeastern Grocers customers rely on food assistance and are looking for affordable options for fresh, healthy foods
  • Louisiana has an overall adult obesity rate of  nearly 32 percent. In New Orleans, 64 percent of adults are considered overweight or obese.

In order to solve those challenges for its customers, Winn-Dixie is now offering unique recipes created by Chef Curtis. Recipe cards are available in all stores, in the weekly ad circular and online. A different fresh, seasonal ingredient will be featured each month with four easy-to-follow recipes. The ingredients for each delicious recipe will cost less than $10.

“Mother Nature does a pretty good job providing what we should eat at different times of the year, so I listen to her,” said Food Network Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. “Food just tastes better when it’s in season and Winn-Dixie shares my hunger to give people the best local and seasonal ingredients – and treat them simply. I’m excited to develop low-cost but simply delicious meals for their customers throughout the Southeast.”

What New Orleans Moms Need to Know

  • Check Winn-Dixie every month for a new fresh recipe
  • All recipes will cost less than $10 to prepare
  • The goal is to provide YOUR family with meal ideas that won’t break the bank

These fresh, affordable meals and other helpful cooking tips from Chef Curtis Stone can also be found online.


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