Active Dad Trades In His Worn Out Workout Clothes for tasc Performance

Disclosure :: tasc Performance, a New Orleans based company, sponsored this review and shared many awesome products to try, but these opinions are my own and these are already on my Father’s Day wish list. 

Active Dad Trades In His Worn Out Workout Clothes for tasc Performance

I’d rather do pretty much anything instead of shop. I dislike it so much that I will happily wear my workout clothes until the elastic shows and the pockets have holes. Then I will continue to wear them until my wife can’t take it anymore and replaces them. So having a set of workout clothes that can stand the test of time is important because it keeps me from shopping and my wife happy.

Until about six months ago, when I started working from home, I was up for my workout at 5:40 every morning. Nowadays I don’t wake up at the crack of dawn, so I wear my performance clothes longer. I change into them first thing, then work out mid-day. According to my wife, this means I have to “dress like an adult.”

I know eventually, I’m going to have to trade in my Simpsons boxer shorts for bamboo underwear. In the meantime, I want comfortable clothes that will easily transition from respectable Dad taking his kids to school to dude on a treadmill listening to a podcast to awesome husband enjoying hot sauna yoga with the wife. You know … things a grownup does. So if tasc Performance could make both of us happy, I was willing to give it a try.

Carrollton Performance Crew T

When An Active Dad Trades In His Worn Out Workout Clothes for tasc PerformanceComfort is usually more important to me than appearance. But when I tried on the Kelp Heather performance crew I admit I liked the look of it. It was slender without being too fitted and I liked that the color wasn’t too bright or bold. It also felt really light and comfortable. I played around with the battle ropes at the gym and never felt as if my shoulders or arms were hindered.

Air Flow 7″ Short

At first, I was concerned about the 7″ inseam in the air flow shorts as I usually prefer them longer. It turned out that running was a lot more comfortable without fabric too close to the bend in my knees. The inner liner was supportive and the material is really soft and stretchy. I was also able to move through all of my normal yoga poses without any adjustments or discomfort.

Moisture Wicking and Breathability

When An Active Dad Trades In His Worn Out Workout Clothes for tasc PerformanceI sweat. A lot. As much as I clung to my old, worn workout clothes I didn’t realize how much they clung to me. Even after a hot sauna workout, both the Performance Crew and Air Flow short were not only less wet, they still hung on me comfortably without sticking to me. I was still sweaty but I didn’t feel weighted down from it and I had as much mobility at the end of my workout as I did from the start. We are several washes in and so far no odor, no shrinkage and still light and soft.

A Father’s Day No-Brainer

I’m pretty low-key so it’s nice that I’ve found a collection I can easily add to my Father’s Day wishlist. Plus its summer and I have the added bonus that my new clothes include UPF 50+ protection. I can wear them to the park with the kids, out for lunch with the wife, or around the house. I feel comfortable, move easily and look like an adult. Everyone’s happy. Even better is that tasc Performance compiled a Father’s Day gift guide online, so you can get plenty more ideas if needed.

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