Seven Things Women Should Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Disclosure :: We are excited to share more about why women should know about this non-surgical option that can be life altering – vaginal rejuvenation. This is a sponsored post by written by Katherine Johnson, a local mom and board-certified nurse practitioner.

Seven Things Women Should Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Seven Things Women Should Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation
Do you suffer from women’s health issues that are rarely talked about and can seem taboo? If you experience any of the following issues, vaginal rejuvenation via the non-surgical Inmode Empower device might be just the treatment that you need!

●  Painful Sex

●  Vaginal Laxity (looseness)

●  Vaginal Dryness and/or Itching

●  Decreased Vaginal Sensation

●  Low Libido (Lowered Sex Drive)

●  Leakage of Urine/Urinary Incontinence (leakage when you cough, sneeze, exercise; or leakage of urine when the urge to urinate is great)

●  Sagging, wrinkled, asymmetric, or enlarged labia

As an experienced women’s health provider, here are several reasons why I feel that Empower is the best non surgical vaginal rejuvenation option on the market ::

#1. Empower Treats the Issues that Women Care About

People often associate the need for vaginal rejuvination with the post menopausal state, however several factors can contribute to women’s health issues. These factors include childbirth, aging, genetics, illness (especially cancer), injury, surgery, and menopause and can all cause varying feminine health issues. Unlike many other treatments, Empower addresses all of these issues in a single platform.

#2. Empower Noninvasively and Safely Rejuvenates the Vagina from the Inside Out

Hormonal cream or pills are often prescribed for vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction, but these medications are not suitable for all patients and come with varying risks. In addition, these medications do not address the urinary issues often experienced after childbirth and after menopause. Surgery is an option for urinary issues but is associated with increased cost, increased downtime, and does not improve vaginal issues.

Empower on the other hand noninvasively restores youth to the vagina. Empower uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) as well as radio frequency energy in combination with micro injury from very small needles. This tightens pelvic floor muscles and stimulates collagen and elastin production by the body. The results are tightened vaginal tissues with increased elasticity and lubrication and improved ability to control urination. It improves vaginal sensation which enhances sexual experiences.

#3. Empower Vaginal Rejuvenation is Not Painful and Has Less Downtime Than Other Treatments

Other laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments (namely ablative treatments) can cause scabbing and oozing, but because Empower uses non-ablative radiofrequency, the skin stays intact. This results in much faster healing and decreases downtime and other potential risks.

Numbing cream is placed inside the vagina and on the labia which results in minimal pain during the procedure. Patients can drive themselves home after the 30 minute procedure and resume work/daily tasks. The only restrictions are that patients should avoid intercourse, tampons, and hot tubs or baths for 3 to 4 days following treatment.

#4. Empower Vaginal Rejuvenation is Long Lasting

The results of Empower vaginal rejuvenation can last 18 months or longer. Thereafter, a single yearly “touch up” treatment can help maintain the results for years.

#5. Empower Is Safe for All Skin Tones

Many laser treatments are not safe for patients with darker skin however, because Empower uses radio frequency (aka colorblind) technology all skin types can safely be treated.

#6. Empower also Rejuvenates the Labia

Empower radiofrequency technology results in tightening and remodeling of the labia just as it does on the face. This results in smaller and more youthful appearing labia without the need for invasive labiaplasty surgery.

#7. Empower is FDA cleared

Not all technology is created equally. While there are many vaginal rejuvenation devices on the market, most are not FDA cleared for what they are being utilized for. This makes a huge difference when it comes to proven safety and efficacy of a device.

Would you like to learn more about Empower Vaginal Rejuvenation and/or Belle Aesthetics? Check out the links below! 

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My name is Katherine Johnson and I am the owner and founder of Belle Aesthetics, a new medical spa in Lakeview, New Orleans. I am a board-certified nurse practitioner
born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I attended University of Georgia for undergrad, LSU health sciences center for nursing school, and Southeastern My name is Katherine Johnson and I am the owner and founder of Belle Aesthetics, a new medical spa in Lakeview, New Orleans.Louisiana University for my master’s degree. I have been a nurse practitioner since 2016 and was originally trained in obstetrics and gynecology. I entered the world of aesthetics a few years ago and instantly fell in love. Since then I have travelled around the country to receive extensive and advanced training in botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, and so many other cutting edge aesthetics procedures. Belle Aesthetics is a full service medical spa offering neurotoxins, dermal fillers, kybella, chemical peels, laser hair removal, IPL, microneedling, PRF, Morpheus, and vaginal rejuvenationI have three young daughters that make this crazy ride all worthwhile! 


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