Three Parts You Aren’t Waxing … But Should

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Time to get summer-ready! Have you thought about expanding your waxing service beyond brows and bikini? Now is the time of year to broaden your horizons and include legs, arms and underarms.


waxingUnderarms are often overlooked as part of a typical beauty routine. Stubble and darkened skin are not attractive for tank top season. You may feel the need to shave every day since even a little prickly growth is uncomfortable. Waxing can change all of that. Waxing removes hair from the root, which means it will grow back much softer. The best part is you can ditch your razor for up to two weeks. Over time, hair will be less noticeable and a lot less will grow back.

What to know before you wax your underarms :: You should avoid wearing antiperspirants after your wax. Because a wax service opens your pores, antiperspirants can cause unwanted clogging and lead to ingrown hairs and bumps. If this isn’t your last stop of the day, bring a deodorizing wipe or an alcohol free deodorant. Tip: When exfoliating your body, don’t forget the skin under your arms. You can get ingrown hairs bumps there too.

Arms and Legs

IMG_2Warm weather means that you’ll be showing more skin. When the temperature rises, so do the number of full leg and arm waxes. Waxing is a great way to stay smoother longer. After all, who wants to shave on vacation?

What to know before you wax your legs and arms :: Exfoliate, hydrate, and repeat. It is crucial to remove dead skin, especially around knees and elbows. Dead, rough skin likes to hang onto hair. Many of people have rough and bumpy skin on the backs of the legs and arms. Regular exfoliation is the key to releasing trapped hair for the best possible waxing result. Your wax should last for up to two weeks. Exfoliate every two to three days following your service to avoid ingrown hairs and keep your skin hydrated. Leg and arm wax services include fingers, hands, toes and tops of the feet. Because we recommend avoiding soaking for up to 48 hours following your wax, it’s best to get your mani and pedi 24 hours before or 48 hours after your wax.

Tips to get you ready for any waxing service

Put your razor down. For the best waxing results avoid shaving for a minimum of two to three weeks.

IMG_3To get the best results and leave with the silky smooth skin you came in for, you need to do a little pre-wax prep. The best way to prepare at home is to exfoliate your skin regularly and make sure it’s well hydrated. You don’t have to use anything expensive. A simple pair of exfoliating gloves will do the trick (these retail in our studio for $2.99) Note: You should avoid heavy duty exfoliants the day of your wax; they can make your skin slightly sensitive. Wax can’t stick to the hair when it’s coated with a heavy lotion. Avoid coconut, shea, and other oil-based lotions. Light, water based lotions are fine.

Refrain from self-tanning for 24 hours before a body waxing service. You don’t want the wax to remove your gorgeous glow! Self-tanners should be applied 48 hours after a body wax. Because your pores are still open, any earlier may cause an uneven result. The great news: your tan will be even because waxing begins the exfoliation process. And, because you won’t be shaving, your tan will last longer.

Before the mercury rises and you break out your short shorts, wax before you relax. Start summer fuzz free!

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headshotAshleigh has been working in the beauty industry for over 13 years. She is a licensed Esthetician who graduated from the Aveda Institute New Orleans in 2008. Ashleigh is a Cerologist at Waxing the City Elmwood.


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