The Most Embarrassing Bikini Wax Questions for Newbies

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by our friends at Waxing the City. We are super glad that they shared this information so we don’t have the ask the embarrassing questions either. New Orleans Mom is the premier parenting website for New Orleans families. We write about things to do in New Orleans, visiting New Orleans with kids, living in New Orleans, moving to New Orleans and … you get the idea. Sometimes we dive into health and wellness and also talk about bikini waxing and laser hair removal!

New Orleans Moms … You’ve Asked, We’ve Answered :: The Most Embarrassing Bikini Wax Questions 

Ladies, bathing suit season is here and we can no longer avoid our fuzzy bikini lines. Before you know if waxing is right for you, we are here to answer your most embarrassing bikini wax questions.

Will they wax my butt?
In a Brazilian service, the inner backside (the butt crack) is included. There is also a service dedicated to the butt cheeks and inner backside or just inner backside by itself.

Can I have sex after a wax?
Yes! There should be no pain or swelling post wax. However, please remember that your pores are open and can take in bacteria much faster. All participants should shower before a waxing and remember to clean up well after the service.

Should I trim before my appointment?
No! The hair has to be a certain length (1/2”) to get the cleanest results. The longer the hair, the better chance they have to get all of the hair with minimal tweezing.

On that note, how long do I have to hide my razor before a wax?
For optimal results do not shave for 4 weeks.

Will it hurt?
It really depends on your pain tolerance. Yes, you will experience discomfort (pain even) when the wax is removed. That discomfort should go away within a few seconds. At Waxing the City, for example, they do not use strip or soft wax in a Brazilian or any other bikini service. They use a film wax that is able to shrink wrap around the hair and then lifts the hair as it cools making it easier to remove at the root. Because they are not using strips, the wax is unable to stick to the skin making the whole process much less painful. Also, many professionals work in smaller, more controlled sections to give your skin time to recover. Any redness usually subsides by the end of the service and can last for up to 2 hours post wax.

What if I don’t want to take the Brazilian plunge?
If you still want to be waxed but you are unsure if a Brazilian is for you, many salons offer two other bikini services. A Basic Bikini wax will remove hair outside the panty line plus a little off the top. A Modified Bikini wax will remove hair inside the panty line to create a thin strip from front to back. It does not include the labia or inner backside.

I’m having my period. Can I still get waxed?
Yes. You can be more sensitive during certain times in your cycle. Avoid waxing three days before and the first three days of your period. Also, you must wear a tampon or some facsimile. Sometimes, the first two weeks of your cycle (think PMS time) can have increased hormone activity and you can be more sensitive then.

Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant?
Absolutely! Professionals are used to making our pregnant clients feel as comfortable as possible. We recommend going as close to your due date as possible so you will be hairless for the first half of your maternity leave. (For 2-4 weeks)

Can you wax over scars? (C-section/surgery)
Yes as long as it has been over a year since your surgery. Everyone heals differently. Check with your doctor prior to booking, please.

Can I wax if I have an STD?
If you have a history of Herpes Simplex, waxing can cause an outbreak. Check with your doctor prior to booking.

What happens if I wuss out? Will they stop the service? 
Yes, they will stop. Doubt means don’t. If you doubt you can handle it, don’t torture yourself! If you are having major anxiety, please let the professional know. No, they can’t give you a Valium but they can do their best to ease your mind. Please let a professional know if something is far too painful for you. There is time to even out your bikini line should you decide to discontinue the service. Don’t be a hero. We will not judge.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to make your next wax successful ::

  • DO exfoliate the area several days prior to your appointment. Thoroughly clean the area keeping the skin hydrated.
  • DON’T use chemical exfoliants such as glycolic or salicylic acid for 48 hours pre wax.
  • DON’T use greasy or heavy lotions or oils pre wax.
  • DO let your Cerologist know when you last shaved or waxed.
  • DON’T trim or shave for 2-4 weeks minimum prior to your appointment.
  • DO take Ibuprofen up to 45 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • DON’T take aspirin or stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol prior to waxing. (Your morning coffee is fine if you are getting waxed after lunch. If you are scheduled in the morning, treat yourself after your appointment.)
  • DO exfoliate 2-3 times a week post wax to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • DO use ingrown hair treatments such as Tend Skin or PFB + Chromabright to treat ingrown hairs.
  • DON’T tan (in beds or outside), sit in water (bath, hot tubs, and saunas), use heavy lotions, exfoliate for 48 hours after your service.
  • DO re book your next appointment as soon as possible to maintain your bikini area. DON’T wait too long. After six weeks the bikini area may feel as sensitive as the first time you were waxed.
  • DON’T wax over sunburned, irritated areas.
  • DO use sunblock if you will be outside. A light weight formula such as Sanitas Solar Block will not clog pores and gives you immediate protection. Sanitas Solar block is also safe for your little ones since it is zinc oxide based not chemical based.
  • DON’T wax after a laser treatment or doctor administered peels. We suggest 1-2 years post treatment before waxing is safe. Check with your doctor prior to booking.
  • DO answer all questions honestly on the intake form. These questions are there for your safety and the safety of the Cerologist.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask questions. Ask to see where you will be getting waxed and the instruments your Cerologist will be using. All great waxing studios are clean and have nothing to hide. Your comfort and safety are our greatest priorities.

Hopefully we have covered everything you have ever wanted to know. Rest assured that the lovely lady preforming your service has seen and heard it all. There are no questions that should be left unanswered. We are serious about your comfort and safety. Leave your razor at home and wax before you relax.

Was that everything you need to know? 


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