Say Goodbye to Knots: 3 Rules for Tear-free Beautiful Curls

3 Rules for Tear-free Beautiful Curls

I’m pretty sure one day soon my son is going to ask me to cut his hair. It has to be annoying – all the people touching it all the time. tear free beautiful curls

They can’t help themselves though. His curls are beautiful.

I get asked all the time how I get his curls to stay so defined. The truth is pretty simple: a good brush, sparse shampooing, and ample moisturizing.

A good brush

First, you need to get a good brush made for curly hair. We use a Denman brush in our house, but it’s just one of many. You can stop by Sally’s and ask them, and they should have a selection in store. Or just order online.

Don’t dry it out

Dry equals frizz. Curls crave moisture. To keep moisture in, we don’t use shampoo every time we wash the hair. Most of the time we just use conditioner. Shampooing dries it out and makes more knots. Conditioners are good. Consider leave-ins.

When brushing, add water, lots of water

Most curly hair does best while brushed when wet and conditioned. So before brushing, get out a squirt bottle and spray it down to almost dripping. I like using this detangler, but I’ve also just used water and conditioner mixed together. Just avoid products with alcohols and other drying agents.

Our secret to the bounciest curls

My favorite DetanglerIdeally, the hair is conditioned and detangled at night then braided before bed. Using silk pillowcases helps, as cotton dries out hair and makes more knots. This is the best way to keep knots down and curls defined.

Always detangle in sections

Use fingers to create a small section of hair. Hold that section in one hand, then brush with the other. This keeps the hair from pulling directly on the scalp. It makes brushing more pleasant for everyone. Smaller sections will brush out easier. Brush knots out from the bottom.

At night, when the hair is wet and conditioned from the shower, it’s a super easy brush. When we skip the night brush, there’s so many more tangles to deal with in the morning. When knots happen, I’m a big fan of just cutting out them out. Curly hair can absorb those little snips really well.

If hair is really tangled, just get a palm sized amount of conditioner and rub it in the hair. You can rinse it out if necessary after detangling, but it probably can stay in the hair just fine especially if it’s a leave-in.

Detangle in small sections with a good brush with damp to wet hair.

What to buy

Products aimed at multiracial kids tend to do really well with all kinds of curly hair. Target tends to carry a lot of them. They make the best detanglers. Don’t be afraid to try something just because the person on the bottle may not look like you. Experiment, branch out, don’t just buy what’s cheapest (or most expensive).

Take time to learn what the curls you care for need. Don’t just trust a label that says it’s for curly hair. Experiment with a focus on moisture. If conditioner alone isn’t enough, branch into the world of shea-based hair cremes. They work wonder on frizz without being drying or flaky like gels.

Experiment. Condition. And let those curls bounce.



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