Stuff Moms And Dads Say {Local Pool Edition}

Finally. The warm way too hot days are upon us. It’s time to hit up the pool! We belong to a fitness club that has a pool and love spending a day on the weekend there. Typically, I am there with my husband and 14 month old son. While my son isn’t quite the handful at the pool just yet, I know it’s coming.

I enjoy listening and have become attuned to the things I hear moms (and dads) say to their children while at the pool. It helps prep me for future years to come. Without any further delay, here are some of my favorites from this past weekend at the pool.

Honey, did you catch his ears? What about the tops of his feet?

Making sure that kids, especially babies and toddlers, have enough sunscreen on is harder than changing a diaper in my opinion. Is every little speck of skin exposed to the sun covered in lotion? No? He just wriggled out of your arms and is headed right for the water. Run after him, scoop him up. Did I get the back of his neck? How does he keep slipping away so quickly?

Put that hat back on!

You will put boxes on your head and try to put wastebaskets on your head. But when it comes to protecting that little head from the sun, nope. Of course you won’t keep the hat on. Why would you? Because Mommy asked for you to do so? Bahahahaha.

Do not hit your little brother with the pool noodle!

Can we all just get along for a few hours while being somewhere you want to be? Can you cut me some slack? I didn’t take you to the mall. You’re at a pool for crying out loud.

Yes, I ordered pizza for lunch.

The pizza man just delivered the pizza by handing it to me over the fence. What do you mean you don’t want to eat now? You were just starving 5 minutes ago.

Do not hit strangers with the pool noodle!

We were the strangers. It was no big deal, really. We will be saying this one day, I am certain.

Time to put on more sunscreen.

A sunburnt kid is an unhappy kid.

What time does the concession stand start serving drinks?

OK, so I added this one in on my own. Our pool doesn’t serve drinks of the alcoholic kind. The important thing is, I know some of the parents out there must be thinking this!

Can I just get through this one chapter?

No, ok. [See next line.]

Yes, I’m watching you jump from the side of the pool … again.

Can I please just finish this conversation that I have been trying to have with our lovely neighbor? Wait. What were we talking about again? Oh, yes, I checked out the new coffee shop in the neighborh … yes, dear, I’m watching you perfect your belly flop.

Out the pool – time for more sunscreen!

Ugh. I forgot the new bottle of sunscreen that we just grabbed at the store in the car. Does anyone have any sunscreen we can use? SPF 50, paraben-free – preferably.

Do NOT take that swim vest off, you hear me.

Kids are fearless!

What a fun day!

This one is mine again. The local pool atmosphere reminds me of my childhood. The freedom of being out of school for the summer, putting lemon juice in my hair to make it lighter, “tanning.” Lol. I’m finally in the role of my mom and one of my favorite crazy aunts. It took awhile for me to get to this point and I know it’s just beginning, but I just absolutely love it.

What are some things you overhear parents telling their children at the pool? What do you catch yourself telling your kids on repeat while swimming?


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