Simple Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

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Simple Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Tis the season for crowded malls, holiday parties and overwhelmed kids. But the holidays do not have to be stressful. As the song goes, it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Here are few tips to keep this holiday season fun and stress-free!

Be Mindful

Whenever you notice you’re feeling tense, try just deepening your breath for a few minutes. It won’t slow you down or get in the way of what you’re doing. You will become more aware of your breathing and feel more present and less stressed. Mindfulness is about taking in your moment-to-moment experiences as they come. In fact, mindfulness can cause changes in your brain that may offset some of the harmful effects of stress as well as depression.

Work it Out

Try getting in a quick workout before your family wakes up. Exercise helps to release endorphins into your body. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins make you happier and reduces stress. Another benefit is that it boosts your immune system.

Get Organized


Start your day with a to-do list to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Sit down with a calendar and give yourself target dates for getting things done. By making a list, you can stay organized and on top of your holiday plans. You will also not have to deal with the stress of being last minute.

Say “No”

During this hectic month, decide on what events are most important to you and plan to attend. Too many activities can leave your kids feeling exhausted and overstimulated. Give yourself permission to RSVP no to a party. It is important for your family’s well-being to include downtime on your calendar for balance.

Get Help

As moms, we can feel like superwoman and think we can do it all. But it’s important to have a network of social support. If you need help this holiday season, call a family member or friend to help relieve stress. You can always return the favor!

Involve Your Kids

Get your kids involved in the holiday planning. Have them decorate cookies, wrap presents or make holiday cards. They will feel involved and happy to help.

Take a Break

Take time out of your day from demanding tasks, such as shopping and cleaning, and nurture your mind, body and soul. Do something that you enjoy and that brings a smile to your face. This is the perfect time to ask for help! You can enjoy this free time by getting a massage or a mani / pedi.

Practice Kindness

It’s the season of giving! Everyday look to help others and practice gratitude. Volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact on others and yourself. Volunteering can give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It also allows you to connect with your community and make your home a better place.

Remember to Celebrate

The holidays can become overwhelming with the excess parties and gift buying. But it is important to enjoy this special time with your family and friends. Remember to find the joy in this holiday season and let the stress go!

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About Dr. Aarti Pais

Dr. Aarti Pais is a Family Medicine Physician at Crescent City Physicians, Inc., a subsidiary of Touro Infirmary. She completed her internship and residency at Tulane University – East Jefferson General Hospital. Dr. Pais is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and treats patients at her uptown clinic located on the campus of Touro Infirmary.




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