Running (or walking) around NOLA!

Emma (2 months) and Mommy heading out for a walk in the Baby Bjorn

“Made it through another great weekend with Mickey & Minnie! I am absolutely convinced that if you can do Disney with young kids, you can do any long distance endurance event. A marathon, an Ironman, a 5K…whatever you want. It’s the same principle…put a smile on your face and just keep on going!” – Nicole Boger

A friend of mine recently posted this on Facebook, and I couldn’t help but automatically believe her! I’ve “done Disney” as a kid with my parents, so the endurance wasn’t really relative back then, but I’m sure this applies to any all-day event: the zoo, the fair, amusement parks, etc. How many of you have taken the kids to Disney, trucked around the whole park with sore feet, a smile on your face and the tune of “It’s a Small, Small World” stuck in your head? Talk about perseverance! Well, if a marathon, an Ironman, or even a 5k are all the same principle, why can’t we all put a smile on our face and just keep going, or at least give it a try?

I wanted to write this week to encourage all of you to get outside and get active! Walking and running are some of the most basic, natural forms of exercise for us! Walking the block, jogging to the park, running on the gym treadmill, and even taking a stroll to the mailbox gets your blood flowing and calories burning. As soon as my doctor released me to exercise after my pregnancy, walking was the first thing I started doing. Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn!  I strapped Emma up, coated us both with sunscreen and out and about we went. It didn’t matter where to, we just walked to get exercise, fresh air and to put her to sleep! When she finally reached the weight limit for the BOB stroller, I had her in that thing every day for strolls to the park, and even jogs to the grocery store (note that you can also purchase the BOB carseat adapter and use an infant carrier with the BOB, though only for walking not running). Emma lived in the BOB and that’s what I wanted. I wanted her to know that I was an active mommy so that she would learn to love being outside and being active, too. And, she has. She LOVES being outdoors. It was actually one of her first words that she learned – “ow-side!”

Running in Audubon Park with Emma (9 months) in the Bob stroller

So, as the weather cools down and becomes more enjoyable, take those workouts outdoors. I challenge you to sign up for a local event: a 5K, a triathlon, a marathon, a fun run, or whatever fits your style. Don’t be scared about finishing first, or even at all. Take the stroller (and baby!!), take your best friend, make it a family affair, or go solo and give yourself some nice, quiet alone time. Don’t make it a race to finish, but a race to get started. Like Nicole said, “…put a smile on your face and just keep going!”

And, no problem if you don’t think you’re ready for a 5K. You can always walk your way through one instead of running. Or, you can use this website to help you get from “Couch to 5K” in just 2 months!

I know many of you would rather do the Disney thing with the kids, but challenge yourself and sign up for one these local walk/run events!

Here are some upcoming local events:

10/06/2012: Ormond Fall Classic (Destrehan, LA)

10/13/2012: Oktoberfest 5K (Rivertown, Kenner, LA)

10/14/2012: Gulf Coast Half Marathon (Mandeville, LA)

10/20/2012: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (New Orleans, LA)

10/21/2012: 2nd Annual Lakefront Classic (New Orleans, LA)

10/23/2012: Environmental Awareness… (New Orleans, LA)

10/26/2012: SEC Fall Challenge RESCHEDULED… (Madisonville, LA)

10/27/2012: Pumpkin Patch Run 5K/1M@ 9:30 (Covington, LA)

10/27/2012: BQuick & Finish Strong @ 7:00am (Covington, LA)

10/27/2012: Q50 RACES HALLOWEEN 5 MILES (Mandeville, LA)

10/28/2012: GREAT AMAZING Adventure Race &… (New Orleans, LA)

11/03/2012: Freedom Run (New Orleans, LA)

11/10/2012: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for the Cure (New Orleans, LA)

11/10/2012: Crescent City Fall Classic 5K (New Orleans, LA)

11/10/2012: Glow Run (New Orleans, LA)

11/11/2012: World Run Day 2012 (Throughout New Orleans, LA)

11/17/2012: The Color Run (New Orleans, LA)

11/17/2012: (New Orleans, LA)

11/22/2012: 105th Annual NOAC Turkey Day Race (New Orleans, LA)

11/29/2012: Turkey Trot 5K/1M Fun Run for Hope (Covington, LA)

12/05/2012: 31st Annual Ole Man River Half Marathon/5K (New Orleans, LA)

01/20/2013: The Louisiana Marathon/Half/5K (New Orleans, LA)  *Our awesome sponsor, tasc Performance, will be sponsoring this event!  Too cool!!!

02/24/2013: Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon/Half Marathon (New Orleans, LA)

Post a comment below and let us know which event you decide on!


  1. Great post Sarah, I am registered and ready for the Color Run, but I think I am going to try the pumpkin patch or turkey trot run in Covington this year too!

  2. I cannot wait for the spring version of this post once baby girl is here! I am like you and was out walking as much as humanly possible as soon as I could after having T. It helped tremendously and I can’t wait to do the same in a few months! And then my goal after that is to run a 5k and ideally another half. Running is SO good for the soul.

  3. I’m pretty sure the date for the NO Heart Walk is wrong…it is November 17, not November 7. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  4. Addison LOVES going outside too! I think I may do the Turkey Trot with Janie in Covington. It will give me something to train for using the Couch to 5k plan & a goal to work toward.


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