Rock your yoga pants: Workouts for busy moms {from the archives}

The mere title of this post may cause you to snicker. “Work outs for moms?! Ha!” As an avid exerciser, this was quite an adjustment for me. My mom once joked that I am “addicted to sweating.” I think it’s the endorphins, but whatev. It makes me happy. Going from challenging TRX workouts to walks around the block with a stroller were just not the same. After Jude was about two months old, life started to normalize again, and I set out to get that part back. I would go for a run, meet with my trainer Derrick Joseph, and do videos at home. As Jude got older though, he became intolerant of allowing me to exercise at home. Some kids love to get involved, but I have the child who hangs at my feet the entire time. He also thinks it is a fun game to try to climb on me while I’m doing a plank or downward dog. Not so fun for mommy. I actually posted a video of that a few months ago; it’s comical looking back on it now. After much trial and error, I found what works best for me. Even if you don’t LOVE exercise, here are some ideas to keep you healthy.

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