Revolutionizing Doctor Visits: NEST Health for Moms and Families

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Revolutionizing Doctor Visits: NEST Health for Moms and Families

I recently took my three kids to the Doctor for wellness visits and even though I like our pediatrician and office overall, things quickly went awry. One of my children was just not here for it and was acting completely wild the entire appointment. And the visit wasn’t even for her! Every mom can relate to the chaos that is bringing multiple children to the Doctor. Not to mention trying to also schedule something for ourselves. There’s just something about cramming multiple kids in that tiny office space that does not work well. What’s more is that the topic surrounding finding reliable and accessible healthcare is brought up frequently by moms. I’m in a variety of Facebook groups for moms and this is a conversation that comes up again and again. That’s why I’m so excited to share about the arrival of NEST Health to our city. It’s truly an option that has the ability to solve the issue of Doctor’s appointments for us!

NEST Health is a primary care option for both parents and children who live in the same household and here’s the best news: the care is provided either virtually or in your home! You are able to schedule visits for both your children and yourself within the comfort of your own home. The team available to care for you is made up of clinicians who compassionately support and treat each patient holistically including the physical, mental, and social well being of each patient. The team that will visit you is made up of two people from a group of doctors, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, nurses, and medical assistants. In addition to this, each family is assigned a Family Advocate who will help the family through their care journey.

The NEST Health team can provide a full offering of care for you and your family. This includes vaccines, wellness checks, newborn checks, help managing behavioral concerns, and any ongoing acute or chronic medical needs. The NEST Health team is also available 24/7, something many families desire and need. The priority of NEST Health is to foster healthy lifestyles in the home of each of their patient families; this is accomplished by someone on the team coming to your home making it that much easier to keep your family well. For those who have medicaid, this service is free of charge, other insurance holders can check their eligibility on the NEST Health website.

Imagine the freedom of not having to take extra time off work, schedule transportation, or figure out child care. This service truly takes a burden off of moms! Honestly, whether you have one child or six, having care for yourself and your little one(s) within the comfort of your own home will make the whole experience exponentially better for everyone.

Check out the NEST Health website for more information to see if this will be a good fit for you and your family.

Primary care for Moms and families at Home


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