Refueling with BODYARMOR

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by BODYARMOR. All opinions stated below are my own.

Refueling with BODYARMOR

Does it seem really hot in New Orleans still or is just me? I mean geez, it’s September. I can’t even think about pumpkin anything when it’s still 90 degree outside! Given our ridiculous heat, I jumped at the chance to try BODYARMOR, an all natural electrolyte sports drink.

The Evolution of Sports Drinks

bodyarmor-mom-runningI’ve tried my share of hydrating, electrolyte replenishment drinks over the years. As a runner, we usually reached for Gatorade because that was really all there was in the 90’s [I will not disclose how old I was back then]. When I owned an Anytime Fitness some years later, we tried new drinks all the time. The old staples were always around, but the next best sports drink was also a hot commodity. There are so many options out there now! I’ve long been a fan of coconut water, but I know it’s an acquired taste. BODYARMOR includes coconut water and an electrolyte blend with 600 mg of potassium, 200% of B vitamins and 100% of vitamins A, C, & E. It also is sweetened with cane sugar and has no artificial ingredients or caffeine.

Putting BODYARMOR to the Test

My husband, my son, my two friends and myself all tried the BODYARMOR product during exercise. I tried it after a grueling spin class, when I most definitely needed replenishment. The flavor was great, and it definitely made me feel more hydrated after seriously sweating for an hour. Everyone except my son found it a tad too sweet, though, so I cut mine with water. Most sports drinks are 2 servings per bottle, something many people overlook. In the gym we owned, our members would buy the drinks left and right, consuming as many calories as they were putting out. So this fact is just something to be mindful of, especially for small kids, because it can be a lot of added sugar.


Aside from replenishing the body with electrolytes and carbohydrates to fuel muscles, BODYARMOR also came in handy when my son caught a nasty stomach bug. The grape flavor was his favorite and helped prevent dehydration. My favorites were strawberry banana and tropical punch, both crowd pleasers if you’re buying for a family. Compared to Gatorade, the calories and sugar content are very similar, but BODYARMOR has 300 mg of potassium versus Gatorade’s 45 mg. Gatorade is also slightly higher in sodium and doesn’t have the significant amount of vitamins BODYARMOR does. Plus, BODYARMOR is all natural. Overall, I definitely think it’s a better choice compared to regular Gatorade.

If you want to find this product locally, it is available at Circle K and Murphy’s convenience store. You can also purchase online at with free shipping over $24. With the New Orleans heat and soccer season in full swing, it would be a great time to try something new!


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