The BEST of NOMB :: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was truly an incredible year for New Orleans Moms Blog. We could not be more appreciative for each and every one of you and the community we’ve built together. Over the course of 2014, New Orleans Moms Blog had over 1 million page views, reached 550,000+ unique readers and hosted 15+ events, all of which sold out.

To cap off 2014, we wanted to share our 10 most popular blog posts from the past year. They are stories of faith, humor, loss, marriage, motherhood and so much more. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did.


Liam-edited-1-1-11. Big Things Come in Little Packages 

“The first few days of our new journey I was beyond myself. I didn’t know what emotions to feel or how to react. I was scared and nervous but so hopeful for Liam. I kept on thinking to myself that God had sent my family a miracle, and we just had to be patient and watch this miracle unfold.” -Mary Olivio





playful2. The Playful Thing I Did That Sent My Son to the Emergency Room

“On this day, after the third swing, Ben crumpled into tears. At first, I wasn’t sure whether it was just a tantrum because he wanted to run on his own or if he was just tired (it was past his naptime), but by the time we got home he wasn’t moving his arm and wouldn’t lift it. That’s when I knew that something was definitely wrong.” -Marie Chisholm


3. 20 Signs That You Are a Mom to a Boy

“Bad aim starts early. Be prepared for pee to be everywhere. I’m convinced it is being used for target practice, although I’m not sure where the intended target is on my bathroom floor.” -Amanda Bensabat



OBs4. Best OB/GYNs In {and Near} New Orleans

“We are often asked for our recommendations on OB/GYNs in the New Orleans area, and we usually turn to our wonderful readers {like you} through our Facebook page to get additional input. We have taken those recommendations, along with our own, and compiled a list of Obstetricians/Gynecologists for all the pregnant and soon to be pregnant women in and around New Orleans. To help you decide from this vast list of options, we have included a few of our readers’ quotes about their favorite doctors.”  -Myndee Corkern

oysters5. 2014 Restaurant Bucket List in New Orleans

“They say, “all good things in moderation.” New Orleans must have missed that memo because down here, everything is to excess. We drink to excess, we put on excessive parades (for every occasion), we celebrate everything from King’s Day to Christmas and we take pride in supporting local business. For me, our food is just another expression of our culture. Bold flavors and locally owned and operated establishments are just another great thing about living here!” -Jamie Centner

baby3PT1FINAL6. A Letter To My Unborn Baby

“I have only known about you for eight days but oh, how I love you. I loved you as soon as I saw that extra blue line on that piece of plastic. You were my miracle. After explaining your conception story to my doctor, she described you as “meant to be.” That is exactly how I pictured you and what you are to me. In eight days, I dreamed of what you would bring to our family. This baby, who was meant to be mine…who defied the statistical odds. I thought, what a wonderful statistic to be a part of. Now, what I wouldn’t give to not be lumped into the group of heartbroken mothers I now find myself in. In just eight days I imagined the excitement, joy and love you would add to our family. As you know, I already have two beautiful baby boys who have brought me more happiness and enriched my life forever. I knew that in a matter of time, eight more months precisely, you would do the same; how overjoyed I was.” -Amanda Bensabat

NOLA7. Tips for Visiting New Orleans With Kids

“New Orleans is a destination packed full of food, culture, music, festivals and great people. Whether you are heading to town for Mardi Gras (which I can attest is ALSO kid friendly!) or are just planning a weekend to soak up the Cajun vibes, this dynamic city is a great place to bring the whole family. After having a child I have personally noticed that good travel planning is ten times more important. No parent, especially one on vacation, wants to be stuck without snacks, far from their hotel, in traffic or in front of a closed children’s museum with a wailing child. This post is a compilation of some of our favorite destinations, tips and tricks for travel with family in and around the Crescent City.” -Karen Jacobs

carousel8. 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to New Orleans

Mardi Gras does not take place in one night on Bourbon Street! It’s a several week long season dedicated to debauchery, excess and family time. Yes, FAMILY time. We place our young children atop huge ladders (with a seatbelt and parent to anchor it, of course) and let random strangers throw heavy, hard shiny beads at them. All while we sip a cocktail and enjoy the company of our fellow parade goers (whether we know them or not). At the end of the night, our kids had more fun here than at Christmas! And, the good news is, they get to do it again and again for weeks! There’s football in the street, music, bright lights, good convo, sweet treasures and a fun FREE time had by all. It’s extremely excessive and extremely fantastic. Schools are closed, workplaces run at a minimum and we, the good people of New Orleans, enjoy all that our great city has to offer!” -Jamie Centner

946662_10151627718384427_768864709_n9. 5 Things Every Working Mom Should Consider to Reduce Guilt

“If I had to measure my successes as a mother in the number of hours a day I spend with Jane, I would likely be considered a failure. I knew in choosing to work that our time together would be limited, so I try not to tally how much togetherness we’ve had. Rather, I try to make the most of each and every moment we are together. This doesn’t mean that I roll out the red carpet and perform for her (although I do an incredible monkey impression). It simply means that I try to take each moment we spend together as one in which we can learn and grow and laugh and smile together.” -Jennifer Bernard

top1310. Top 13 Things Heard as a Parent of Multiples

“What do you mean, how do I tell them apart? They’re my kids! They’re three separate individuals! How do you tell YOUR kids apart! I’m appalled. Okay, not really. I get them mixed up at least once a day. But I’m not going to tell you that!” -Pam Kocke





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