Practical Tips For Mothering Your Sick Baby {Sponsored By Crane USA}

Disclosure :: When you register for your baby, a humidifier is often on the list, but do you know why you need one? Being that we’re in the thick of cold and flu season, we are excited to bring you this practical information and sponsored post from Crane USA.

What Happens When Your Newborn is REALLY Sick?

After giving birth to my third son in November, I was relatively confident in my ability to care for him. Little did I know that only 10 days after he was born, he would be diagnosed with RSV, a common respiratory virus that is especially rough on infants. All of the comfort and confidence I was feeling days before was now replaced by fear and anxietyCrane 600 x 400, particularly because our doctor’s instructions were “to create as comfortable of a breathing environment” as we could and then observe his breathing 24/7 for any signs of worsening. No stress there, right?

The first thing that my doctor recommended I do was station the baby near a cool mist humidifier, which really did make a noticeable difference in his congestion. I was sp happy to have something that could help my sweet newborn get some relief from this terrible virus. Nursing was difficult because he was so congested, sleeping at night was a struggle, and ultimately he did end up spending a few nights at the hospital just to give him a little extra oxygen. He is over the the virus now, but we are still struggling with the effects of the virus, including congestion and cough. Currently we’re keeping our humidifier running not only while we sleep, but also in our living room just to help keep the air a little more comfortable in these drier winter months. Every child is a new experience, and with this baby I have become incredibly reliant on my humidifier. It’s such a relief to know that there is a simple solution that doesn’t require the use of medicine or chemicals, which are always terrifying to use around a new baby. Plus the cool air option gives us extra peace of mind with our other boys (ages 3 and 5) running around; it’s nice to know that an accidental spill won’t send hot water all over.

But as if RSV wasn’t enough, then the two older boys got sick, as did all of their friends and their friends’ friends and….

How New Orleans Moms Recommend Fighting Cold/Flu

Cold and flu season has hit our team – and New Orleans moms – hard this year. It seemed that every child in and around New Orleans was either coughing, just getting over a cough or struggling with congestion. Out of desperation (and selfish need) we polled our readers for their best tips on fighting back. Here are some of the answers we received time and timbaby and humidifiere again (full list of tips can be seen HERE).

  • Cool mist humidifiers (one of the top answers)
  • Spend time next to (not in) a steam shower (some also suggested the cold air of a freezer)
  • Essential oils
  • Saline spray for the nose
  • Put Vicks on the soles of the feet and then socks

Some Cleaning Tips & A Giveaway! 

A note from Crane :: All humidifiers run with water so all humidifiers need to be cleaned regularly.  Newer Crane humidifiers have antimicrobial properties in the base but you still need to clean them. We recommend dumping out any excess water from the base and water tank each day after running the humidifier. About once a week, rinse out both the tank and the base of the humidifier with white vinegar and water. Simply take about two tablespoons of white vinegar and about two cups of water and put that in both the tank and the base. Let it sit in the base for 20-30 minutes to really clean out any mineral or bacterial buildup. In the tank just add the white vinegar and water solution, put the water tank cap back on and shake shake shake. Shake your tank off. Doing this dance just once a week will help keep your humidifier and the mist it produces clean.

We are thrilled to offer one of you the chance to win a humidifier {valued at ~$49.99}. Enter the sponsored giveaway below for a chance to win! 

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  1. I find a humidifier to make a HUGE difference when my little guy is sick – which seems to be often with all the germs he picks up at daycare. We were actually just discussing buying second one – maybe I can win it instead! 🙂

  2. My family got the flu last month. It was completely awful. I would wash all bedding, toys and stuffed animals. Everything you touch needs to disinfected. That will help to keep you from getting it again.


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