On a journey to find my healthiest self

You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.

When you start a journey, it’s best to have a plan and know where you’re coming from. Here’s what I know. I had a wonderful childhood with two loving parents. They helped steer me in the right direction but still let me become my own person. I love to laugh, especially at myself. I’m passionate and will fight to the death if I’m being treated unfairly. I rarely cry, unless I have to defend myself and feel like I’m not being heard. I’m an independent person, just as happy going out with friends as I am staying home. I care about my appearance, but I don’t often worry about what others think.

How my journey started

beforeafterdec13That last one, my appearance, is what got my journey started. You know how you know something is true, but you refuse to accept it until it’s right in front of you? About a year ago, I saw some pictures of myself from a family hiking event. Those pictures disgusted me, making me wonder how I had gotten so out of shape without truly acknowledging it. Those pictures made me feel ashamed because I knew there are people out there with far more difficult journeys than mine, but yet I couldn’t cut it. Those pictures filled me with disappointment.

I’ve tried several different nutrition and workout programs throughout my adult life. I’ve counted calories, counted points and cut out specific food groups. None of those programs worked long term for me because I would grow tired of always tracking everything. There also wasn’t a lot of help in terms of working out or finding a support system. I needed a program that was all-inclusive: fitness, nutrition and support. I needed something that would stick!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success!

In January 2013, I noticed that a friend was having great success with the Insanity workouts. I knew that the only way to keep myself motivated was to see quick results, so I gave it a shot. I saw results but really struggled to fit those long workouts into my schedule. So again, I started looking for another tool that would suit me better and I found another program by the same trainer, with twenty-five-minute workouts. They went by so fast and fit into my schedule so much easier.

As for my nutrition, it’s still a work in progress, but I’ve conquered my habit of not eating breakfast. I’ve found a shake that I make every morning, and it is the healthiest thing I put into my body every day. I’ve also found a team of people – my fit family – who I can talk to 24/7 to share my successes and challenges. We have support groups on Facebook, and those closest to me are just a text message away when I need that accountability. Fitness + nutrition + support = SUCCESS!

IMG_1075I’m on a journey to find my healthiest self in mind, body and spirit. I feel like I have the body part covered with my in-home workouts and better nutrition. To focus on my mind and spirit, I’ve started doing something I never thought I would do: read personal development books. In the last ten months I’ve read books on time management, finances, the law of attraction, goal setting and other related topics. It is so therapeutic and has taught me so much about myself. And there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book (and maybe a small glass of wine). Some of my current favorites are The Secret and Hero by Rhonda Byrne,  A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

So why would a single gal with no kids want to share her story on a blog for moms? As women, and especially as mothers, I’m sure you struggle with juggling the many elements of your lives. We all do! It’s important to take time to reflect and do positive things for yourself – eat right, exercise, read positive books that help you grow, and interact with other positive, supportive people. This has become part of my life as well, reaching out to meet new people, swap stories and help them on their own journeys. I hope you will see from my story that anything is possible if you can find what works for you. My journey is about being healthy, but yours may be about something else.

If you can find the right tools and a positive support system, you can do it all.

About Natalie True

Natalie TrueNatalie True is a music teacher for grades PreK-2 at the Louise S. McGehee School. Outside of McGehee, she is a music director for local theatre companies as well as a health coach focusing on providing people with a winning combination of fitness, nutrition and support. She loves working with people who have specific health and fitness goals, helping them to find the right tools so they can have a successful journey. You can find Natalie on Facebook, or feel free to peruse her website, and contact her to set up a consultation. She will discuss your goals, your reasons for starting this journey and how to find the right tools to make sure you succeed.



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