My Mom-i-form: I live in workout clothes!

motherhoodUPDATE: when we first heard about this company, we were thrilled. We agreed to try the product, and we generally had a good experience. That said, the company has decided to change gears entirely, and we sincerely apologize for that and any confusion. We were not informed of their plans and in fact would not recommend working with them based on what we’ve experienced and heard since. We take our reputation and credibility as moms writing for other moms VERY seriously, so we decided to leave this post up (rather than just delete it) to let you know that we are equally upset and confused by their direction as other bloggers. We do not find the way that they’ve handled this transition professional at all.

Original Post (Published on January 23, 2013)

Let there be no secrets that I, mommy Sarah the fitness freak, LIVE in fitness clothes. Not just because I love working out, but because it kinda comes with the job of being a stay-at-home mommy. We don’t just sit around all day lounging on the sofa and playing on the computer (okay, well maybe I do this some of the time…) No, we’re actually busy!! We’re chasing half-naked toddlers with full diapers around the house about to trip over the Dora the Explorer musical guitar while doing the sandwiched “phone between the ear & shoulder” thing on hold with the cable company trying to schedule a “get the internet fixed” appointment, all while carrying a neatly folded stack of clean laundry and dinner cooking in the background! Now, if that doesn’t make you break a sweat, then I don’t know what will. WHEW! It’s a tough job and with such a hectic schedule, I often find myself wearing my workout clothes for everything: grocery runs, play dates and even spa pedicures! My workout clothes have become my everyday wear.


When I first had Emma, my fitness fashion consisted of old baggy running shorts and t-shirts from my college soccer days. Pit stains and holes are not what I like to call attractive – or motivating for that matter. Out with the old and in with the new…a new bundle of joy and a new workout wardrobe! In my personal opinion, cute workout clothes can really help boost your confidence and get you motivated to move. Or at least they did for me.

So, you better believe I was stoked when I was asked to try this new and upcoming subscription service through pv.body. You sign up for the $49.95 service and receive a new set of workout clothes every month for a discounted price.

You mean I don’t even have to leave my house??? I’m in!

pv.body works with some of the biggest name brands in fitness and makes it easy for you to always get cute new gear each month. You start with a quick quiz and create a personal pv.body-style profile. The “fashion” experts will put together a personalized outfit just for you based on your answers and ship it to your door for free!

My Style Quiz

  • Top Size: Small
  • Bottom Size: Small
  • Style: What’s your ideal workout? Gym Goer: lifting weights, cardio
  • Color Preference: Top: Bright/Bold colors; Bottom: Black/Dark solids (I always wear black…it’s slimming!)
  • Top Preference: Tank/Cami and Long-sleeves
  • Bottom Preference: Capris/Pants

When The Package Arrives…

pvpackageYour package arrives in a pretty and plush pink envelope (what girl doesn’t love pink, right?). The first item out of the complimentary bag I received was a pair of black NUX capris (retail $65) and the second item, a cobalt blue MPG tank ($50). The capris were a nice microfiber/spandex material but were pretty tight. I know that’s how we want most workout pants to fit, but they were so tight that they weren’t comfortable and kept riding down on my backside. No bueno! Those will be going back for a different size (exchanges are free, by the way!). As for the tank, it was a very flattering fit and color. The best part was the built-in support bra (with removable cups, which I won’t be removing! HA!). And, if you’re unsure about how an item fits, you can always exchange your entire box (or one piece of the box) if it doesn’t work for you.

The Bottom Line


So, for a $49.95 monthly subscription and free shipping (though this trial was complimentary, and I was not required to write a positive review), I received $115 worth of fitness apparel! What a bargain way to spice up your fitness wardrobe AND stay motivated every month! While there are many expensive fitness companies on the market (and I still love those…yes you, Lululemon), I’m glad to know that there are more affordable options out there since I wear my gym clothes 80% of the time. And, an affordable option that does the styling, shopping and shipping for me!

Will you subscribe?


  1. Wow! That’s pretty cool! Maybe one day I’ll go from just wearing the work-out clothes for comfort and actually exercise in them…..maybe…:)


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