Super Women :: Find Out What Super Powers Moms Possess

Ever since becoming a mom (a little less than a year ago), I have added a few ‘skills’ to my repertoire as I joined the ranks of Super Women. These skills are not specific to just me, but to most moms. I deem these skills super powers simply because we don’t know how we got this way …

Here are a few super powers I have noticed within myself. How many of these can you relate to?

Sharpened Sense of Hearing

Does deep sleep exist for moms? I’m not sure that will be a thing ever again for me. Mom is always on guard, hearing every sniffle, whimper or cough.

Turn Off Other Children’s Noise

Ever since we had our son, we have tried to continue doing things we normally did pre-baby – going out to eat for instance. Eating in public with a toddler is an experience with constantly keeping them entertained and making sure that banana doesn’t end up on the patrons in the booth behind you. Now, when I go out to eat with my husband or a friend sans baby, I’ve noticed that I don’t notice other children during meals. It’s like I  have become immune to kid noise when the kid isn’t mine. It’s pretty great. [For the times I do notice a noisy kid, I like to give a little smile because I’ve either been in their situation before, or chances are, I will likely experience it soon.]

Where’s the [insert object]?

Moms are great at knowing where to look for missing or misplaced things. See also: Super Wife

Multi-tasker Extraodinaire

Multi-tasking is sometimes viewed as counter-productive, but moms give the term a new meaning. Moms are no strangers to taking care of a sick baby, while eating lunch during a webinar for work (because we can’t always take sick days from work when baby is sick.) Moms are multi-taskers by nature … it’s not a choice; it’s a necessity. An extra gold star to the moms out there that do it on their own day in and day out. Again, is deep sleep just a myth once you become a mom?

Interest in Pinterest?

We are not all crafty, but gosh darn it, we will give whatever task at hand our all. From party decorations and food to homemade Mardi Gras costumes, we put in whatever effort we can. Regardless of how the craft of the day turned out, it was made with love and that makes it beautiful / awesome / etc. to your kid.

Let’s all remember that, especially in this time and age where it’s easy to pass judgement after seeing glimpses into others’ lives on social media – Moms literally are every day Super Women. May you know her; may you be her; may you inspire other moms to be Super Women.

And lest we not forget :: Super Women make super babies.

What other super powers are in your arsenal? Share this with moms who you think are a Super Women.

Extra! Extra! For those special grandmas in your child’s life, let them know what makes THEM so grand.


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