Montiel Sports Bras Offer Every Mom the Support She Needs

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Montiel. Our partners were generous enough to send product for over 10 Louisiana moms to put to the test, and each of us adores this brand for different reasons!

Montiel Sports Bras Offer Every Mom the Support She Needs

I’ve been a runner for what feels like my entire life.

As a child running was my favorite form of transportation (when I wasn’t twirling and leaping, preparing for my future as a prima ballerina). Growing up I channeled that energy into a number of sports and as an adult, there is no form of exercise more cathartic.

Like many moms, it is sometimes difficult to recognize myself when looking at my pre-baby figure and comparing what things shifted during pregnancy and where they eventually ended up postpartum. Motherhood has endowed many gifts, joy, fears and challenges on me, but one transition I was not expecting was my size A/B chest to balloon to a C/D almost as soon as I saw the words “pregnant” pop up on the home pregnancy test.

I ran throughout both of my pregnancies and as soon I was cleared to do so postpartum. Adjusting to my new figure during my runs required me to pay more attention to what type of under armor I was suiting up with when heading out on my daily trek. Finding a sports bra that married comfort with support began to feel like trying to find a unicorn. It seemed that if you were heavy-chested you had to sacrifice one for the other. If it was comfortable it provided no support and caused major back pain. If it provided support, I felt like I was wearing a straight jacket with an elephant on my chest. 

Montiel :: A Brand For Moms of All Sizes

Enter Montiel and their expert line of active wear, specifically the teardrop sports bra. I was hesitant to try it at first, expecting to be disappointed once again that it was either comfortable OR high-compression. 

When I first opened the package, I was amazed at how unbelievably soft the material was – to put it in the words of Mike Meyers, it was “like butta.” After trying my new Montiel sports bra on, I was even more of a fan of the soft material and how snug it fit without feeling constricting. The double straps provided additional shoulder support without digging into my skin, and the bust line fit well around my torso without pinching my skin.

It was clear to me that this was going to fall into the “comfortable” category of sports bras I wear more as leisure wear than performance wear. The colors offered are vibrant, it felt great on the skin and it was just a high quality product overall.

One run in this bra left that cynic in the dust, though. 

I was able to run faster and longer because I was not constantly stopping to adjust my straps or because the constant motion caused back or chest pain. I had finally found the unicorn of sports bras I was looking for – marrying comfort with support, at an affordable price.

Members of the NOMB team had similar experiences as myself when trying out the Montiel teardrop sports bra ::

“It feels like you have nothing on but provides the same support as a constricting bra!” – Ashley B.

“My Montiel sports bra is comfy and stylish! It makes me want to wear a tank (instead of my usual high school t-shirts) to show it off.” – Jaime

“I do like the design and the support it gives. I’ll be wearing it for more than working out!” – Lindsay

“The teardrop bra is smooth as butter. It’s extremely comfortable during a workout but better yet it’s also the perfect “do nothing”’weekend bra.” – Ashley

More About Montiel

Montiel’s mission is quality over quantity. This female-owned brand works to ensure that it sells the best activewear on the market by using the best products for affordable prices. Ironically enough, the tear drop sports bra is not even listed as the highest support bra they offer. I am looking forward to trying more of their products, especially those designed for high-impact exercise like running.

If you’d like to treat yourself to any Montiel Clothing options use code  “LOUISIANAMOM” for 20% off your total purchase.

To learn more about Montiel ::

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