The Day You Weren’t Coming Anymore…

You were on your way! We first heard about your journey into our lives around Mother’s Day. To say we were excited was an understatement! You were scheduled to be here around Christmas, and we would get to meet you during our annual trek to your part of the country just a week or so later. It was going to be perfect.

And then you stopped.

On a Sunday afternoon, we got word that you were no longer on your way. Plans had changed.

For 8 weeks, we had you on our agenda. For 8 weeks, we got to imagine what our lives would be like with you as part of our family. We were going to play with you on the beach next June during our vacation to the beach. I was going to buy you a bunch of really cute outfits that your mom probably wouldn’t have liked, but would send me pics of you wearing just to make me smile.

Your big sister was barely 1 when she heard she was going to be a big sister. I was going to add another niece or nephew to our crew. My boys were going to have another cousin!

But you know what…

I have faith that their family WILL be complete.

I WILL have another niece / nephew.

Eventually, things WILL makes sense.

But for now … we miss you. We will always miss you.

15% of women experience miscarriages. 80% happen within the first trimester. I was unfathomably blessed to have 5 pregnancies without issue. I have had friends who have had miscarriages, but this is the closest it has hit to home. My sister is strong. She is probably taking this better than I am. She will for sure have her moments, and I will be a phone call or flight away when she needs a minute.

When you apply for a job, you do so after you picture yourself at that job. When you put an offer in on a house, you do so after picturing your family living in that neighborhood. When you see those 2 lines, you picture your life with that child as part of it. When they don’t come to fruition … it’s a shift in a dream. Life throws a lot of curve balls (boy mom here!), but this one stings … a lot.

About Emmily

Emmily, who was born in North Carolina, has lived in the New Orleans area since she was 2.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, Tad, and together they have 5 boys.  You can find her at a ballpark, in her ginormous van hustling kids around, or napping


  1. Miscarriages are so difficult and often dealt with alone. My husband and I had several miscarriages over a 7 year period and communication with each other and comfort from the Lord’s promises is what helped our hearts heal. Prayers for your sister and her family !


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