Surface Pressure: Learning from Luisa Madrigal

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Surface Pressure: Learning from Luisa Madrigal

I truly believe Disney hit the nail on the head when they created Encanto. The movie sparked so much conversation on topics that many families do not want to talk about. I have so much appreciation for Encanto, from the culture to breaking generational curses. Encanto was the movie we never knew we needed but glad that it now exists.

The Pressure That’ll Tip ‘Til You Just Go Pop

So much stuck out to me while watching this movie, I am honestly obsessed! The obsession drew me into social media where I have read most of the theories that fans have shared about the meanings behind the characters and the movie itself. One main topic I’ve seen was the personal song ‘Surface Pressure.” Luisa expressed how she just wanted a chance to relax, but she has the weight of everything on her shoulders. She had to be strong for the entire town because everyone looked to her for damn near everything, so she felt pressured not to let anyone down. But as soon as she felt weak, she naturally had breakdowns because she couldn’t pull her weight. When her weakness set in, the pressure of letting her family down affected her more than the stress she was under.

Like most moms, I can relate to Luisa. Some days, I just want to fall on the floor crying because I can’t do it all at the moment. No matter how hard I try, the pressure to be the perfect mom, daughter, sister, and all-around good human makes me feel like I’m not pulling my weight. When the pressure of not being successful rears its ugly head, I feel like I’ve failed in a lot of things.

The constant pressure of having people expect so much is hard. It should not have taken a house to collapse for Luisa’s family to see that she is also a human and more than her gift. However, Luisa should have used her voice to explain to her family that she deserved a break.

Breaking the Cycle

Now is the time to break generational curses and have these conversations that most families are afraid of having. In regards to generational curses, it is time to stop trying to please everyone in the family, and in return, recognize that humans are more than just their talents and gifts. They themselves ARE gifts.

How can we make our family happy if the pressure makes us miserable?

It is time to change the narrative and be open with feelings. The expression of emotions when feeling under pressure is a good start to becoming happy. I want to take what was mentioned in this movie and apply it to my own life. Yes, it was just a movie but who would have thought that such a beautiful lesson would have come from an animated film.

Take the time to relax and enjoy life; it is only one and we should love and laugh more and stress less. The pressure from the outside should not take over what’s underneath.

Surface Pressure brought so many feelings to the surface (pun intended) that there are many interpretations out there. How did you interpret it?

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