Making a New Year’s Commitment

Well, what do you know? Just like that another year has flown by, and it’s already time to make another New Year’s Resolution, or is it? Do you and your family follow the tradition of setting new goals for yourselves, making positive changes in your lives, or dropping bad habits like flies?

I feel most people tend to focus on the same resolution every year: to lose weight and get fit! It’s such a broad topic, if you ask me, and it’s so funny how it becomes such a hot topic come January 1st. Sporting goods stores see their best sales ever, gyms become super over-crowded, and fast food junkies suddenly start brown-bagging it for lunch!

We are all guilty of it. I know we have every intention of trying to hit those New Year’s resolutions. We write them down, engrain them in our brain, sticky note them to the mirror, and even set reminders in our smart phones – I can hear Siri now, “Don’t forget to go workout at 7pm.” Sometimes we follow through with them for the first few weeks of the New Year, but eventually we get too busy, it becomes too hard, or we simply just give up.

You are not alone!

That’s why this year will be different. This year is about turning your resolutions into commitments. Resolutions are decisions. Commitment is acting on those decisions.

As a Team Beachbody Coach, it’s part of my job to help “End the Trend” of obesity. With all my heart and strength, I am committed to paying it forward and helping others in this fight. This epidemic has become one of the most highly talked about national public health crises ever! It’s tragic. Obesity isn’t brought on in a flash or even overnight. It’s not something that can be fixed instantly and “Free Healthcare” is certainly not going to issue you a “free” flat stomach. Obesity is fixed by people helping people and by paying it forward. And while most admit the trend is only gaining in momentum, everyone agrees there is a solution; a lifestyle change. The challenge we face is how to drive the message home and how to inspire that change. I commit to helping people find their way again; to get back on track and start living that healthy lifestyle, whether it’s through fitness programs, meal planning, motivational support, or all of the above. We offer people the ability to change their lives through health and fitness.

It’s not easy.

In fact, it takes hard work. But, if you make the changes, put in the effort and support it, you will succeed. Millions of transformations now back that up.
 Real, tangible life changes. Helping others reach their goals has helped me reach mine and to this day I only continue to push harder.

And many organizations are doing the same kind of things: to educate and offer communities opportunities to make healthier decisions and lifestyle changes. Commitment Day is one such effort I want to introduce to you all. It’s a national event to kick off a shared “healthy way of life” movement. On January 1, 2013, The Commitment Day 5k will mark the start of the first day to renew our lives. In 30 cities around the United States, hundreds of thousands of participants will run, walk and bike as a proactive stand against poor health, inadequate nutrition, controllable disease and spiraling healthcare costs. I challenge you all to join in and demonstrate YOUR commitment to live a healthier lifestyle in 2013…and beyond! New Orleans’ Commitment Day event will take place in City Park at 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

So, as we all welcome 2013 and celebrate a new start, a new year, and even a new YOU, let’s remember that this is about more than just one day of action. It’s about creating real changes. It’s a group effort to help focus our attention on improving one life at a time. Start with you. It’s up to you to do your part. Others will be there to help support you, teach you and push you through, but making the move is up to you.

This is the year that we stop making resolutions and instead, start making commitments to ourselves! Make a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle while helping others do the same. Join the movement. Bring your friends and family and start the year off right! Register online right now.

Are you ready to make a 2013 New Year’s Commitment?


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