Kyle’s Legacy: The Teddy Bear Campaign

“Please don’t forget about the children.” -Kyle Bergeron

Kyle's Memories 032
Kyle (right) with his brother Logan

On March 15, 2005, at the age of 16, my son Kyle was diagnosed with cancer. Acute Myeloid Leukemia to be exact. After a two year battle, which included over 300 days in the hospital, Kyle’s life on earth came to an end on December 30, 2006. He passed away two months after his 18th birthday, October 20th, and just after a trip with family and friends to the beaches of Gulf Shores, AL.

Continuing Kyle’s Legacy

When our first Christmas came without Kyle, all we could think was “How do we get through this?” I couldn’t fathom celebrating Christmas, and to this day, I really don’t celebrate it. My son, Logan, Kyle’s twin brother, had a wonderful idea that year. He suggested we give the kids at Children’s Hospital teddy bears for Christmas. He wanted to give them something to hold onto, something that would bring them comfort. Since Kyle was older when he was in treatment, he had a heart for the younger kids who were facing similar battles as Kyle. He spent a lot of time with the other kids at Children’s, encouraging them and simply being a friend to him. These teddy bears are a way for Kyle’s legacy to continue.

vickiInstead of buying gifts in 2007, our family pooled our money and purchased teddy bears. We then hand delivered them to the Oncology department at Children’s Hospital. Each year, the teddy bear campaign has grown, and we now deliver to other local hospitals. Our goal is for every child facing cancer this year to receive a bear. Any leftover will be given out after Christmas to newly diagnosed children.

This is how our family celebrates. This IS my Christmas. It is where I get my joy- bringing comfort to others and honoring Kyle’s wish for us to never forget about the children.

You can help by sponsoring a bear! All you have to do is send $10.00 the address below:

Vicki Bergeron
115 Warren Dr.
Luling, LA 70070

When you sponsor a bear, you also get to name him/her, so please send a name along with your check. Many people name them after loved ones whom they have lost. We will be delivering the bears on Sunday, December 22nd.


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