Grounding Yourself Amidst Uncertainty and Change

It’s more than likely you’re looking forward to giving 2020 the boot, and 2021 couldn’t get here any faster. Not so fast—before the year is over, there’s an opportunity to discover ways to ground yourself amidst uncertainty and change. This may sound like a quick fix or a long process that you’re simply not interested in adding to your plate at the moment. I’m sure between evacuating or sitting through the many tropical storms, hurricanes, virtual learning, and all other surprises that were thrown your way this year, one more suggestion can seem like a non-answer when all you want right now is normalcy.

On our latest Pandemic Penpals episode, we discussed this exact topic. I would like to take this opportunity to share a few takeaways that may assist you with grounding yourself.


Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, taking time for yourself is important. Of course, it’s tough when you’re not in the mood to workout, and on and top of that, your family has alternative plans. A quick 10-minute workout such as incorporating jumping jacks, jump rope, or even squats will get your blood flowing and give you 10 minutes to think along with an opportunity to refocus and ground yourself.

Art Watching

This has to be one of my favorites because, as an art consultant, I’m surrounded by art all of the time. When I have an opportunity to view new installations, it allows me to reset my thoughts along with giving me an opportunity to pause. Art watching typically puts me in a meditative state. If you are stuck on how to find the latest art show or installation, Google local art events. There are always a variety of art events in New Orleans.

Pick Up the Phone

Of course, it’s easy to send group texts or emails, but picking up the phone can assist with grounding yourself during uncertain times. Call one of your family members or a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Check in with them, exchange stories and something interesting that you’ve experienced. You never know where the conversation will lead, but carving out time for good conversation and connecting with loved ones is a quick way to refocus and ground yourself.

Car Picnic

Pack up the car with your family and order takeout from one of your favorite restaurants. Be sure to ask for extra napkins and cutlery. If you have time head over to your favorite park and enjoy the moment to chat with your family, listen to music and people watch if that’s your thing. We enjoy parking on the Bayou, City Park, or Audubon Park. Most of the time my son will fall asleep as soon as we pick up our order. However, if he’s up, we will join him in the back seat.

Staying grounded amidst uncertainty can be challenging, especially when you’re unsure how long the uncertainty will last. My goal is to encourage you to take a moment and incorporate at least one takeaway at least once a week and see if you’re feeling better than when you started. I look forward to hearing from you before the end of the year.

Nia Avery is a New Orleans based Fine Art Consultant for Heather James Fine Art. Prior to joining Heather James Fine Art in 2017, Nia was an art consultant in Beijing, China, where she oversaw the inaugural C!Talk initiative, a series of cross-cultural events sponsored by the World Culture Open organization. She also previously served as an art consultant in Houston where she co-led the Emancipation Economic Development Council workgroup for the art non-profit Project Row House. Nia received her Bachelor of Science from Clark Atlanta University. Before relocating to New Orleans, she served on the board of Loma Linda Hospital’s “Big Hearts for Little Hearts Guild” in Indio, California, and was a member of Desert AIDS Project’s “Partners for Life” committee in Palm Springs, California. “New Orleans is my hometown, so I am thrilled to be back. As a gastronome and fine art consultant, I have found that this city is the perfect fit – and because New Orleans is a city focused on tourism, there are always opportunities to meet people from all over the world. Living here presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to the cultural landscape. My favorite place in the city has yet to be discovered. From 1000 Figs, to Original Thought, to the McKenna Museum, there is always something to discover and experience. I am excited to discover many new favorites for years to come.”


  1. You are an amazing new Mom. I am so Happy and proud that you just happen to be my daughter. Thank God for the beautiful gift.
    Continue with your writing, it is so needed in the community, especially at these Covid times and of course a very undtabled shaken government that we all are tangled in. Inspiration and motivation are both so welcomed., which you are doing an excellent job providing us with. Keep writing Baby girl, keep that fire burning. And that will keep hope alive.
    Much love always


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