Give the Gift of Wellness with Massage Envy

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Give the Gift of Wellness with Massage Envy

Another holiday season is upon us and so are the gatherings with friends, families, and co-workers for the year-end string of seasonal celebrations. The list seems to grow every year. Start with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. But don’t forget Friendsgiving, Festivus and of course, the endless array of company, church and neighborhood holiday parties.

Busy Takes A Toll

For many of us, the seemingly endless parade of parties, dinners with friends, and family gatherings along with an infinite number of get-togethers has already begun.

The days are busier than ever right now with gift buying, ordering online or waiting in lines, tackling all those annual household chores, and dashing from one holiday event to another.

While it can be a time of joyous celebration with those we cherish, the holidays can really take their toll on us – physically, mentally and even emotionally. Many of us struggle with the stress and anxiety the holiday season can bring, and as we all now, stress is nobody’s friend.

Give The Gift of Wellness

This year, Massage Envy encourages everyone to give the gift of wellness, – like with a gift card to Massage Envy – not just for close friends and family, but for yourself.

Holiday stress and anxiety is real, so do some real good for yourself and listen to the needs of your body. Easier said than done of course. Here are a few ways to give the gift of self-care this holiday season.

Keep Your Body Working

The holidays take a toll on your body, and even though your body works hard to keep up, it needs all the help it can get. Keeping your body running at peak efficiency should be at the top of your holiday to-do list and routine massage is key. Keeping your body in optimal working condition with routine facials, massage and stretch – is easy at every Massage Envy franchised location.

Stretched Too Thin? Get Stretched

While holiday parties, seasonal events, and dinners can be fun, the impact to your schedule takes a toll on you. If you find yourself stretched too thin, try a Total Body Stretch featuring the Streto™ Method, it’s a great way to keep you loose through tense holiday commitments. Consider what holiday invitations you can decline. Remember, saying no isn’t about hurting someone’s feelings, it’s about knowing your limits.

Stay Connected to Your Tribe

Your tribe consists of the people who makes you laugh and have your back. If you feel centered by chatting with friends, going to a morning yoga class, or even reading a good book, actively seek out those positive connections and rely on them. The holidays are a great time to stay connected with loved ones and close friends, so being with our tribe can help keep us grounded during the holidays.

Remember to Listen to Your Body

The stress of the holidays often seems like it’s purely emotional, but your physical health can also suffer. Remember to make your physical health a priority and keep your body working. Get proper sleep, eat well, and go for walk to clear your head.

Be Thankful

Gratitude is good for your soul. Being grateful puts each of us in touch with the things that matter most. Great people make our lives complete. Taking a few minutes each day to remember what you’re thankful for will help you emotionally while keeping you grounded in thinking about what is most important.

Focus on Wellness

Families who focus on wellness have a much better chance of being there for each other in the long term. Another way to share the gift of holiday wellness is to help family members participate in healthy traditions. This may include gifting workout equipment, athletic clothing, fitness classes or self-care sessions at Massage Envy instead of fancy deserts or holiday sweets. Adding healthy, active traditions to your family’s holiday tradition helps keep you all focused on building a healthier lifestyle.

When you get all wrapped up the stress of the holiday season, your body can start to unravel. Healthy changes in diet and exercise can help. Smart eating matched with a positive mindset toward healthy goals can go a long way. You’ve only got one body and it has to last your whole life, so there’s no time like now to commit to a healthier you. Remember, even during the holidays, regular bodywork makes the body work.

Give The Gift of Wellness

Give ­the gift of wellness this season with Massage Envy gift cards. Contact your local Massage Envy franchised location or visit Massage Envy to purchase gift cards or to book your next facial, massage, or stretch session today.

Be courteous, be well, be safe.

Happy holidays from all of us at Massage Envy.


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