Get up and Grow! with Dole for a Happier Healthier You

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Dole Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Dole provided me with Free Salad and Free Banana coupons for the purpose of this post, as well as compensation. That said, we are excited to tell you about what Dole is up to this summer!! 

Get up and Grow! with Dole for a Happier Healthier You

How many of us regularly struggle with healthy eating? I know I do. Even when I know all the “rules,” I still get overwhelmed with meal planning. Living on the go with three small children, it is even more difficult to reach our healthy eating goals. One thing that helps my family get the fruits and veggies they need is via smoothies. At the end of this post I’ve included an easy and delicious “on the go” smoothie recipe that helps get kids (and adults!) essential nutrients they may be lacking.

Dole Fresh Fruits and Vegetables wants to meet us where we are – literally. This summer, they Get Up and Grow! Artwill embark on a 115 day long journey across the United States to give us a number of tangible ways to make 2015 our happiest and healthiest summer! We are thrilled that they will be making stops at Rouse’s in both New Orleans and Mandeville!

Our team is looking forward to checking out the Get Up and Grow! Tour Caravan, which is a wrapped van and trailer with kitchen and sampling tent that offers FREE recipe samples, a DIY smoothie bar, free giveaways for the kids, expert nutritional advice by our resident RD or produce expert and other surprises. Visitors can also create their own customizable, interactive pledge that gives them the chance to receive wellness rewards like free DOLE fresh produce, Fitbits® and a wellness getaway in California. Visitors can sample a variety of fruit, vegetable and salad recipes created for Get Up and Grow! – ranging from the Banana and Blue, Breakfast Smoothie,Power Punch Smoothie and Spinach-Avocado Hummus to the Grilled Banana ParfaitSouthwestern Gazpacho,Caesar’s Bounty Salad and Charred Summer Salad, which has been proclaimed 2015’s “Official Salad of Summer.”

Mixed Berry Probiotic {Sneaky} Spinach Smoothie 


  • dole31 cup Dole Widly Nutritious Mixed Berries
  • 1/2 cup Dole Fresh Strawberries
  • 1 cup Dole Fresh Spinach or Spring Mix (I alternate)
  • 1/2 cup Dole Pineapples
  • 1 Dole Banana
  • 1 cup Yogurt (we use plain or vanilla)
  • 12oz Coconut Water (add slowly as you blend)


Combine ingredients in your blender, and blend until desired consistency; serve with a straw. Then watch as your kids devour it! Though they will love it, there should be leftovers as this recipe is designed for you to only have to break out the blender every few days!

My kids, who seem to be allergic to vegetables, gobble this up on a regular basis. In case you are concerned, you cannot taste the spinach. The sweetness of the fruit hides the spinach taste entirely. This recipe is chock full of antioxidants, probiotics and other essential nutrients. Based on the taste though, you’d think you were having dessert!

Myndee is a 35ish year old New Orleans area native. She's an author, speaker and self-love advocate. As an introverted extrovert, Myndee loves being part of the generation where most of her friends live in her computer. She and her husband, Luis, live just outside the city with their three kids.


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