How I Gave Up Wine for Thirty Days

How I Gave Up Wine for Thirty Days

After a very enjoyable glutenous summer, my husband and I got this crazy idea to do a 30 day cleanse. We had both packed on the pounds over the summer. So we decided that this was the best way to rid ourselves of the extra weight and scrub our liver which had taken a beating. Let’s be real here, we have three kids and it was a long, long summer. Also, we just really enjoyed a good glass of red, or a mojito, or Moscow Mule. You get the picture.

The kicker of this cleanse was that we had to refrain from drinking any alcohol for thirty days!

Honestly, I didn’t think I could do it. Wine was my go to, my therapy, my warm and cozy blankey after a long day. I would watch the clock in the evening to see when the “appropriate” time to drink would be. I immensely enjoyed choosing the bottle I desired, opening it and pouring my glass of wine while cooking dinner. It was not only a habit, but it was a calming ceremony every evening. Nonetheless, I agreed.

The first week was rough. The amount of text messages I sent to friends complaining was a bit embarrassing. I craved wine every night at dinner. I would pout and try to talk my husband into just one glass. That man is hard as nails when he decides to do something so he would not budge. After a few days of pouting, I started to realize that maybe the amount we drank was a bit excessive. We by no means were alcoholics but more creatures of habit. The thought that this may be a good experience after all started to appear in my mind.

The weeks started to move along, and the cravings subsided.

I managed to go to an evening at a friend’s home for a wine social and not drink a drop. The pressure was on for sure by my friends, but ultimately they supported me. I did have one friend whisper “are you pregnant?” which I responded with a big no. I was also very nervous about being able to hold out at the New Orleans Moms Blog’s annual Moms Night Out. I did break down in a celebratory mood and have a half of glass of champagne. This only hurt my stomach so I had no desire to drink the remainder of the night, and I still had a blast.

To get us through the cleanse, I made sure we had no temptations in the kitchen. I removed all of the wine before we started Also, during dinner prep when I would normally have a glass of wine, I replaced it with an ice cold La Croix in a pretty glass. To my surprise, it worked.

So was this worth it?

Absolutely. Being able to say no to something was actually quite empowering. In our city of New Orleans, alcohol is a staple at gatherings. It was refreshing for me to discover that I could enjoy myself without a glass in my hand. I do not feel like I was deprived of anything; I actually feel like I’ve gained something from this experience. I do believe alcohol became a sort of crutch at the end of the day. I feel better now knowing that I don’t necessarily need it anymore. Also, we both lost weight! The majority was due to us eating healthier, but also I was not snacking after drinking anymore. The added calories from drinking and then fulfilling my cravings after were no longer there.

We are officially on day 30. This date seemed like a lifetime away when we first started. This challenge may not be for everyone, but it worked for us. We will no doubt be celebrating this weekend with a glass of wine at dinner, but also we will be drinking smarter and less often. Our bodies will thank us for that.




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