Five Awesome Podcasts Hosted by Women

Five Awesome Podcasts Hosted by Women

Seven Podcasts that Inspire, Inform and Entertain-2Podcasts are my favorite way to multi-task! If I’m tidying up the house, commuting long distances, or doing a mindless task at work, I pop on my headphones and listen to the incredible free content these podcasters are producing every week. Why not learn something AND wash dishes? I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts hosted by women that have influenced the way I live throughout the years. These women are doing so much to inform and entertain their audience, and I am so inspired by how intelligent and impactful they are!

If You’re Pregnant:

When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to absorb as much cover170x170information about pregnancy and what to expect with my new baby as possible. The only problem was I didn’t have time to read stacks of books because I was working a job with strict deadlines and long hours. I found the Pregtastic podcast that enabled me to multitask and listen while I worked. The Podcast has finished recording, but there are over 250 free archived episodes about everything from breastfeeding, to birth stories, to safe skincare while pregnant.

If You’re a Mom:

cover170x170-2The Atomic Moms podcast holds a special place in my heart because one of their episodes changed my mind about sleep training. My son went from having to be rocked to sleep every night to happily being placed in the crib awake and drifting to sleep on his own. Host Ellie Knaus tackles topics like postpartum depression, same-sex parenting, and balancing work and motherhood with parenting experts, celebrities, and caregivers with extraordinary stories.

If You Want to Live More Intentionally:

cover170x170-3I’ve just recently discovered The Lively Show hosted by blogger Jess Lively, and I have binge listened to a ton of her episodes. The podcast touches on various topics, but the ultimate focus is living more intentionally whether it’s with your relationships, your career, or your daily habits. Jess is relatable and genuine and she has made it her mission to uplift and inspire her audience.

If You Want to be more Financially Savvy:

cover170x170-4The So Money podcast hosted by Farnoosh Torabi can teach you financial strategies, money habits that work, and help you shift your mindset as it relates to spending and saving. My favorite series that Farnoosh produced was a handful of interviews she recorded with everyday millionaires because it made me realize that by making simple tweaks to my approach for saving for the future, that I could be financially successful!

If You’re Interested in Health and Fitness:

JJ Virgin, author and health expert, gives advice on nutrition, getting in cover170x170-7shape, and healthy and mindful eating on her podcast The Virgin Diet. If you’re addicted to sugar or if you find yourself wanting to shed some extra pounds after the holidays, JJ provides quick and actionable tips on living a life with a mindset of wellness.

What are your favorite podcasts?


  1. This is a great list! I need some new ones to listen to! My favorites for marriage: Love and Respect, Free Sex Podcast, One Extraordinary Marriage, and for parenting: Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbery, Love and Logic.


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