Introducing Sarah, a fitness guru with a wine addiction

Our Texas Wedding, 2009

My name is Sarah, and in the past couple of years, my husband Marc and I have been pretty busy and quite the opposite of stationary! We met during the summer of 2005 on Pensacola Beach during the Blue Angels Air Show when he hit me on the head with a football (oops!). He was transferring to Los Angeles with the United States Coast Guard, and I was eager to leave behind my Texas upbringing and follow him to the Hollywood Hills! After a year and a half engagement, I finally got the fairytale wedding I’d been dreaming about forever: rustic southern charm with a touch of pageantry and patriotism (since it was a Military wedding!).  So, we got married, bought a new car, moved cross-country from one LA to the other (Los Angeles to NOLA) and had a baby!  It’s been quite the adjustment living in a new city with a new little addition to our family, but we’ve really enjoyed learning all about New Orleans and introducing Emma (16 months old) to this lovely city.

SFA Women’s Soccer & Manhattan Beach 5k

I may be new to NOLA, but I’m not new to the health & fitness world or life as a mommy. In my life before kids, I was a collegiate soccer player, an “every weekend” 5k runner, obsessed with the gym and an overall fitness junkie!  I was known as the lady who lived in her runners and lulus (lululemon).  I worked out every single day, even up until the day I delivered my daughter, so I didn’t think much would change once I had kids.  I obviously had no idea what being a stay-at-home mom was all about!  I definitely struggled with finding the time each day to commit to my fitness and health goals.

I’m sure many of you know that being a mom requires that you work 24/7 for someone other than yourself, so finding time to exercise and stay healthy can be a real challenge.  I’m still as active as before (and probably in even better shape), but I just go about it in a completely different way and at a completely different pace.  I’m on Emma’s schedule now, so workouts are squeezed in during naps, lunches are quick and usually on-the-go, and my errands are all crammed into one trip via stroller or bicycle. I still live in my lulus, but they play a dual role now: fitness get-up AND mommy on-the-go outfit!

Our Perfect NOLA Day!

As a health and fitness coach, I am constantly on the lookout for new and healthy things, whether it’s workout routines, recipes (a low-carb, fat-free beignet?), or a neat fitness tool to help with my happy-go-lucky and busy schedule – and who doesn’t LOVE all the iPhone apps available for fitness?!? Being active is a daily obsession of mine, so my family and I are always out and about enjoying all the wonderful things this city has to offer.  I swear all 3 of us are fueled by sunshine and sweat, so any outdoor activities are a win-win. Our perfect NOLA day would start with a morning run around Audubon park, a stop to feed the ducks and would be followed by an iced coffee treat at our favorite local coffee shop, PJ’s.  We’d plan an afternoon mommy & me play date at the Zoo or Children’s Museum, and then head to our favorite (kid-friendly) dinner spot, The Rum House, for fish tacos and cocktails. NOLA has so much to offer, it’s hard to have just one perfect day here!

I hope to be an inspiration to all you mommies and about-to-be mommies as I contribute to this blog.  I’m thrilled to share how even busy moms can still manage to eat healthy and live a ‘fitter’ lifestyle and encourage the same for their children.  I am very excited to get to know all of you and help with your health & fitness goals and questions!

Stay tuned for today’s giveaway by tasc Performance!  I’ve tried their products and love them!  They’ve become my new favorite workout attire – super soft and moisture wicking (I sweat a lot in the NOLA heat!).  You don’t want to miss it!

So tell me … what health and fitness topics do you want to hear about first?


  1. Looking forward to reading your posts! I would love to hear about easy workouts that can be done at home. I work from home and my daughter stays home with me. By the end of the day, I am ready to collapse in my bed! I need to find time to squeeze in a workout for myself.

  2. I agree with Melissa. While it is nice to get to the gym every now and then but some days it’s just not gonna happen I’m sure. I will also be starting school again very soon which just adds another thing to my busy schedule. Looking forward to your posts. I think it would also be cool to hear what you did or recommend as a workout after the baby arrives.

    • Thanks Amanda! I know what you mean about it getting harder and harder to make those gym dates! Baby took over ALL my time, and the gym and I definitely had a bad break-up! Hubby and I built a home gym in the garage and workout from home now. I’d love to share my recommendations – I’ll be sure to include that in an upcoming post! You can read my “after-baby” fitness story here:

  3. Sarah, I am so excited to get inspired by your posts!!! I have started back at pilates twice a week, but I still feel like I need something else to really get back into shape.


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