Workout Tips for Busy Moms

The mere title of this post may cause you to snicker. “Work outs for moms?! Ha!” As an avid exerciser, this was quite an adjustment for me. My mom once joked that I am “addicted to sweating.” I think it’s the endorphins, because it makes me happy. Going from challenging TRX workouts to walks around the block with a stroller were just not the same. After Jude was about two months old, life started to normalize again, and I set out to get that part back. I would go for a run, meet with my trainer, and do videos at home. As Jude got older though, he became intolerant of allowing me to exercise at home. Some kids love to get involved, but I have the child who hangs at my feet the entire time. He also thinks it is a fun game to try to climb on me while I’m doing a plank or downward dog. Even if you don’t LOVE exercise, here are some ideas to keep you healthy.

Exercise to be fitCarve out time

As the owner of an Anytime Fitness, I too often hear “I don’t have time to work out.” Now that I have a child, I can truly relate to this. Sometimes we fill our loves with so many daily, mundane tasks that we forget to focus on ourselves. Make time for exercise like you make time to cook, brush your teeth or go to the dry cleaner. If you put in on your calendar, you’re more likely to keep the commitment, even it’s only 30 minutes. Studies show 30 minutes of cardio intervals are actually more effective than a steady pace at 60 minutes. I love the interval workouts from Self magazine’s Drop 10 program.

Get outside 


When the weather permits, spend time outside. Almost all kids LOVE being outside, so bring them along. Whether you walk, jog or bike, it’s a great way to get your 30 minutes per day as recommended by the American Heart Association. I used to run all the time, but found it took quite a toll on my body. So about six months ago, we sprang for a couple bikes. If you have more than one kiddo, consider a bike trailer. We love family bike rides at Audubon Park’s track: it’s easy to know exactly how far you’ve gone. We pack a picnic lunch for afterwards, feed the ducks, kick around a soccer ball and even stop in at the zoo since we’re members. When we can’t make it to the park, we stay in our neighborhood. I mapped out a route in my car so I know exactly how far it is. My recent Nike+ Sportwatch purchase also makes it super easy!

weightsFollow some fitness blogs

If you have a gym membership, ask about personal training. Many gyms offer your first session for free. If you don’t go to the gym, there are some great free training and nutrition resources online. My absolute favorite is Tone it Up, created by trainers/dieticians Karena and Katrina. They post free daily workouts and weekly recipes. If you want more, you can purchase their 150 page meal plan, which I LOVE. You can do almost all the workouts at home. I usually take the free printouts to the gym or do them when Jude is napping. I also like Blogilates, from this super spunky Pilates and fitness instructor, Cassey Ho. If you sign up for the free newsletter, you get a calendar of workouts with videos for the whole month. Baby still small? Check out this fun workout you can do with your little one.

How do you stay fit and healthy? What’s the biggest challenge?


  1. I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred, and that’s why I love it. It’s 20 minutes, and if it’s a great day I also take the baby on a walk. I can motivate myself to do 20 minutes in our living room on most days, and it’s way less intimidating than trying to find time to get to the gym regularly.

  2. Great post Angelina! I think you nailed it that time is the hiccup here! As mommies it’s so hard to find those precious minutes for ourselves, even to workout, but you’re right about scheduling it in! Make it a date like you would with your spouse or a meeting with yourself like you would a boss! Don’t miss it, don’t be late and don’t reschedule unless you absolutely have to! 🙂 I love the 30 minute or less workouts! is still my favorite of all, and no equipment required for a butt-kicking workout in 12 minutes! 🙂 I take these on the road with me when I’m traveling!

  3. I have been trying to make it a priority to go for a walk in the evenings with Addison (as long as the weather cooperates). She loves to be outdoors & it helps to clear my head from a busy day at the office! After reading your post, I think we may have to invest in some bikes soon! Great way for the family to work out together & have fun while doing so.

  4. thank you for the seat recommendation because I LOVE biking- and we’ve been trying to figure out which bike seat would be best to ride with Andrew! 🙂


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