My Family’s Top 10 Peanut Allergy Friendly Restaurants

New Orleans is a city of notable cuisine. And of course, we enjoy it any time we want. And perhaps we even take it for granted every now and then. But as a peanut allergy mom, I know that there are restaurants who understand and accommodate. Then, there are the restaurants who just don’t get the severity of the allergy or the customer service part of it. I feel like dealing with food allergies is a tone set at the top of the restaurant and the staff graciously execute. I deeply appreciate restaurants who care and their staff that go the extra mile.

I know how important it is to get feedback and tips from other parents in the food allergy trenches. I wrote my first allergy post a couple of years back on New Orleans Moms Blog titled: Peanut Allergy 101. Since then, I have written a few additional allergy posts on Halloween candy and the Teal Pumpkin Project. But that first post is the one that constantly comes up. It is the post I get the most emails on. I hear from so many families coming to New Orleans with peanut allergy kiddos who are looking for recommendations on local restaurants that can accommodate food allergies. top-10

So from one allergy mom to another here is a list of the restaurants, that I feel, get it. These are the restaurants that have treated my peanut allergy child well and have been super helpful in the process. There is a mix of the different areas of town as well as some casual and some fancier establishments.

Remember that reactions and severity of peanut allergies vary, so I recommend to call ahead and inform your waiter of allergies when ordering.

French Quarter

  1. Court of Two Sisters
  2. Brennan’s Restaurant 
  3. Deanie’s Seafood
  4. Muriel’s Jackson Square
  5. SoBou
  6. Acme Oyster House
  7. Restaurant August
  8. Criollo
  9. Central Grocery
  10. Tujague’s Restaurant 

Uptown and Downtown

  1. Zea Rotisserie & Grill
  2. Breads on Oak
  3. The Green Fork
  4. Blaze Pizza
  5. Luke
  6. Tru Burger
  7. Commander’s Place
  8. Camellia Grill
  9. Herbsaint Restaurant
  10. Borgne

Metairie and Surrounding Areas

  1. The Pizza Shoppe
  2. Mellow Mushroom
  3. New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood
  4. Semolina’s
  5. Izzo’s
  6. Copeland’s
  7. Nacho Mama’s
  8. Reginelli’s
  9. Atomic Burger
  10. Bear’s

Oh and let’s not forget dessert! The best part of the meal. Our family likes to frequent Café du Monde. This New Orleans icon uses cottonseed oil. Our other favorite is Creole Creamery. While they do have peanut and nut flavors on site, the staff is always wonderful to work with.

Bon Appetit! Welcome to New Orleans and we hope you came hungry!


  1. HI Linzy. This is a great round-up for people with peanut allergies. I just pinned it on the Destinations board that I have on Pinterest for AllergyEats. I hope you’ll rate these places on AllergyEats so others who are not familiar with the area can plan ahead to visit New Orleans! You can share your reviews from the app or site directly with friends, the restaurants themselves, and anyone else you’d like. People can also follow you if they want to know where you go/what you ate, etc. We’d love to have you on board as a reviewer! Thanks.

  2. Thank you! In Kenner my PA daughter loves to go to 2 Amigos. Very friendly, and my daughter gets a kick out of picking whatever she wants on the buffet line. What kind of oil does Deanies fry in? A little surprised.

  3. A word of caution about Herbsaint. We called ahead, were reassured by the hostess on the phone re peanut allergy. When we arrived, we ordered and then asked once again to be sure, and were told that EVERYTHING is fried in peanut oil! So glad we asked again. They gave us our drinks (which we’d already sipped) on the house, and we left. By the way, Marcello’s and NOSH were amazing – foodwise and allergy-wise.

  4. I’m wondering if you still live in New Orleans and if you have a new updated list. These lists and vendors for companies are constantly changing so an update to this page would be nice. Most of the nut friendly / allergy free info online is now outdated

  5. Thanks so much! We were just in NOLA this weekend, and this list made for a great guide for eating out safely with my son. Please add Gumbo Shop to the list of super accommodating restaurants in the quarter! We dropped in, and they were welcoming as soon as we walked in the door.


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