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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Please start an exercise routine responsibly. 

With everyone hunkering down at home, we have to alter our routines and figure out a new normal. One thing that I refuse to give us is my workouts. Now is the time to get creative and come up with alternative ways to get yourself and your family moving. Here are the ideas I have come across.

Classes Via Streaming/Apps

While I have always been a big believer in gyms and leaving the home to exercise, I have recently been doing some home workouts. The Les Mills classes have been a personal favorite of mine for MANY years. One of my instructors told me that there is an On Demand program with all of their programs (15 and a kids program) and 5-6 routines for each program. There are multiple instructors teaching each routine so that you can see variations of the moves according to level. Some of the programs have intro routines for first timers. I ordered hand weights and a resistance band from Target and signed up for the free trial. Hooked on it, is an understatement. While I still go to the gym to do heavy weights, I am now able to exercise MORE by having the app at my disposal. I do my two favorite classes (CX Worx and Barre) each 2 days a week in addition to my gym workouts. We have an AppleTV so I set up the class on my phone and mirror it on my tv. The obvious pro of home workouts is that I can do it at my convenience. My part time work schedule changes and my husband travels. So some weeks it is very difficult for me to make to the gym. The second pro is that my kids often see me exercising. I love that we able to have conversations about muscles and being healthy. Sometimes they do a little bit with me.  My 5 year old can do a 58 second plank!

While Les Mills is my personal favorite, here are some others that friends of mine love:


Walking and jogging are always a low maintenance way to fit in some physical activity. As somebody who HATES running, I occasionally do it to spice up my regular routine. There are multiple different routes to take within your own neighborhood. Or head to a large park or levee. Yes technically you have to leave the house to do it, and it requires changing out of pjs. However, it is a way to move and clear your mind. The kids can tag along on foot, scooters, bikes, etc.

Good old fashioned calisthenics. All you need is your own body weight and maybe a chair. There are several classic moves that you can do to tone different parts of your body. You can start slow and increase the intensity as you are ready.

Kid Specific

COVID-19 Social Distancing Special Offers

  • Rise Up Power Yoga: Facebook Live sessions
  • Peloton app: Free for 90 days
  • Planet Fitness: Free Facebook live workouts daily
  • Many local fitness boutiques are also offering daily tips and mini workouts on their social media accounts / IGTV
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