Why is Drinking 100+ Ounces of Water A Day Impossible?! Or Is It…

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by 4D Premium Energy & Immune Boost, an all-in-one supplement company based right here in the New Orleans area. We are excited to partner with this brand as they are local, authentic and – after 50+ local moms tested the product personally – we can confidently vouch for the product as a clean source of energy and vitamins.

Why is Drinking 100+ Ounces of Water a Day Impossible?

This past weekend I went to visit some longtime girlfriends of mine that I had not seen in well over a year, probably closer to two. I lost a significant amount of weight last year and they had not seen me since my personal transformation. Needless to say, they were absolutely shocked to see the difference in my physical appearance. As a matter of fact, I think I am still processing the change myself sometimes.

It goes without saying that overall health and wellness is now a major focus in my day to day life. Making healthy choices is a constant work in progress for me since I started my journey over a year ago. Back then, I was tired and depleted all the time, I had absolutely no energy to play with my son, and I was constantly struggling with very basic, normal day to day activities. You wouldn’t think sitting in a tub to shave your legs is a struggle, but it was for me. I know I am not alone in understanding that feeling.

Creating a Health Plan and Focusing on Hydration

When I recognized that a change in my life needed to happen, my first step was meeting with a nutritionist. Working hand in hand with the nutritionist we made a plan that involved getting my daily protein and calories in, which I figured was going to be simple. I was also advised that I needed to drink my bodyweight in water. At the time, I glanced at the nutritionist like she was crazy. You know how much I weigh, right? I would have to be sipping water almost every minute to get that much in. She did hear that my goal was to lose weight, right? She couldn’t possibly expect me to consume that much liquid per day. She kindly told me to simply TRY and drink as many ounces as I could. If I had to guess, I probably was only able to get 60-80 ounces of water in at first, and I was constantly in the bathroom.

Adding Some Jazz to My Water in the Form of 4D

Drink 4d - Help with hydration and getting in 100 ounces of waterFast forward to today, and while I have successfully lost 100 pounds, I still try very hard to make sure I drink my water, which is now PROUDLY about 130 ounces per day. Consuming that much water is still quite hard. Ok, very, very hard. That is like 8 pounds of water, or a newborn baby. WOW! Water gets a tad boring after a while, so I had been looking for something to add to my water to help with hydration, flavor and my daily vitamin intake. After several different trial and errors, 4D – which is based right here in the area – came in my life. They kindly gave the New Orleans Mom team and readers free samples to try, which let’s be honest, is always awesome. I’ll try most things for free!

4D helps with hydration 4D is a local company that created this powdered supplement, understanding that it’s often difficult to take 98 different supplements to get all of the minerals and vitamins into your body. The 4D supplement contains 30 different amino acids and vitamins. It was especially important to me that it contains zero calories and zero sugar because I had just done the very hard work of dropping a LOT of weight. The flavors are also all really good and tasty; nothing tastes processed. Obviously, as one does, I tried them all in the name of “research.” Pina Colada and Raspberry Lemonade are my personal favorites. The energy boost is probably my favorite benefit of using this product. I am still working hard on getting my water in everyday, and the 4D supplements have genuinely helped me so much – I am here to tell you that 130 ounces of water a day is not impossible. With 4D I am also getting an amazing amount of the daily vitamins. 4D itself is not going to make you shed weight (you’ll have to take the hard steps to get there yourself), BUT it is a fabulous product to integrate to your routine if you are focused on wellness and hydration. Or maybe you are already active and have no weight to lose (lucky you!); in that case, I am guessing that you’d fall in love because of the health benefits alone.

I now drink 4D before I head to the gym to lift weights (which usually consists of a lot of lower body lifting of some pretty heavy weight). I also add in my upper body once or twice a week, and I have also started drinking 4D when I do my cardio on the stair master. It is a great pre-workout supplement for me, and I am so excited to have found such a great product.

Don’t get me wrong, keeping the weight off is hard. But I always say, “choose your hard.” I am going to continue to incorporate 4D into my routine and highly recommend it if you are looking to up your fitness game!

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