Daily Meditation :: How I Find Peace at the End of a Long Day

Someone asked me a few months ago if I practiced regular meditation. Initially I said “no,” but after some research into its meaning, I realized I do meditate. Though it may not be in a dark room surrounded by other folks simultaneously chanting “ohm,” it’s considered meditation.Meditation

You see, over the past few years, my quiet place has been at the end of my day in the bathtub. It started as a short bath at the end of a long work day and more recently evolved into a longer spa-like experience after putting my two-year to sleep. Some days, it’s the only 10 minutes I have to myself without distractions or noise. It’s something I look forward to, and it’s somewhat non-negotiable. Meaning, the dishes in the sink or the pile of unfolded clothes can wait.

I admit I’ve become a bit of a bath snob.

My recent addition is a new bamboo tray to hold my loofa and soap. It also has a slot for  a glass of wine and a book! Add some orange or lavender essential oils and classical music – bliss! My friends and family know that any bath salt or accessory will be an immediate hit for gifts. Bath bombs, scrubs, oils, face masks – I love all of it.

Taking 5 minutes to yourself everyday can be incredibly healing.

According to the National Institute for Health, meditation has mind and body benefits including reducing blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insomnia, symptoms of IBS and even pain! There are four types of meditation, two of which do not include being in a certain place or position. So basically, you can meditate anywhere, anytime as long as you don’t have distractions.

Do you ever find your mind wondering when you sit in church or a work meeting? It’s like an influx of thoughts that prevent you focusing on something important. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make the thoughts go away. Chances are you probably haven’t given your mind a chance to wonder freely. And when you finally stop moving, your mind is begging for freedom! This is the type of meditation I practice at night. Just letting whatever thoughts – good or bad – enter and leave my mind.

Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I try to sort through an issue that has been weighing on me. Sometimes I just let the aromas and the music take me somewhere else, like an escape from reality.

Just find a quiet place.

While you may not be a bath fanatic like me, I recommend having a quiet place to retreat. Be it your backyard, a quiet place in the park or my mom’s favorite place when we were kids – the closet! We weren’t that bad, were we?

If you want to take it a step further, consider trying a guided meditation. These can be helpful for dealing with certain issues like insomnia or control. Another great option is a restorative yoga class if you have the time. I promise you it’s worth the time. Not many moms admit they have “extra” time during the day. But 5 minutes well spent can make the other 1345 minutes seem much happier.

Discover your peaceful place. Where can you go to let you mind go?

Sarah G
Sarah is a mother of two, wife, and Physical Therapist turned “household manager”. She has a passion for all things health and wellness whether it’s helping moms find simple solutions to everyday health concerns or assisting older adults find affordable ways to improve their quality of life. She and her husband are college football enthusiasts, travelers and food lovers.


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